The Animal Shelter

A children's story about a loveable gray cat, geared to children of different age groups

This story is geared to 3- 5 year olds

My name is Rufus. I am a gray cat. I have very soft fur. My  mommy person and my daddy person got me at an animal shelter. That is a place where good people take care of animals that don't have homes of their own. People go to an animal shelter to adopt an animal for a pet.

There are old cats and young cats and kittens. There are old dogs and young dogs and puppies. Sometimes there are big birds in cages.

At this animal shelter, there was a parrot. He was green and blue and yellow. His name was Charlie. He could talk and sing and whistle.

When someone came into  the room, he would say, " Hello pretty bird,".

That was funny. He called everybody a pretty bird. Sometimes the shelter caretakers would let Charlie out of his cage. He would fly around the room and squawk. Squawk, squawk, squawk. Charlie was a very noisy bird. Sometimes Charlie's feathers would fall off, so that new feathers could grow in.  This was called moulting.

There were other animals at this shelter too. There were two guinea pigs in a big cage. Their names were Wilbur and Alice. Their cage had wood shavings on the floor for them to sleep in. There was a bowl for their food, and a water bottle on the side of their cage to drink out of.

 There was a wheel in the centre of the cage. The guinea pigs liked to run inside this wheel to make it turn. The owners had to leave them at the animal shelter when they moved away. The owners' new apartment didn't allow pets.This was very sad. The owners would miss their guinea pigs.

One day, a family came into the animal shelter. The family had a mommy, a daddy, two girls, and a bigger boy. The boy's name was Freddie. He went right to the guinea pig cage. Freddie asked the caretaker if he could hold one of them.

 Sheila the caretaker took Alice the guinea pig out of the cage. She was brown and white. Her fur was long. She cuddled into Freddie's hands.

 "Can we keep them?" Freddie asked his parents.

 "What do you think, girls?"  their dad said to Freddie's little sisters.

 "They're cute," said one sister, Mary.

"They are very soft," said the other sister, Karen.

 "I think we should take them home," said the children's mom.

 The mommy, daddy, and three children took the guinea pigs home to live with them.

I was born at this shelter with three brothers and a sister. When I was four months old, my mommy person and my daddy person came to the shelter.

They were looking for a new kitten to bring home with them. When they walked past my cage, I put my paw out between the bars. I wanted them to stop and play with me.

 The caretaker took me out of my cage and let my mommy person hold me. She sat on the floor with me and rubbed my tummy. I liked that. I purred and purred. My daddy person petted me too. They decided to take me home. I liked my new mommy and daddy.

My new home is a big brick house. It has lots of places to play and hide. Sometimes my people have to call me because they can't find me. They would call and call.

 "Rufus, where are you?' And then I would come out of my hiding place.

Sometimes they would call me goofy Rufie, because I was being so silly.

The day that I came to my new home, my people put me in a harness and attached it to a rope. That way, I could play outside and not get lost. My new home has a big deck at the back of the house. I like to go under it to sleep.

One day it snowed outside. I had never seen snow before. I ran off the deck and right into a snow bank! It was cold and wet. I didn't think I liked it. I ran back into the house.

My back yard has a fence. It is nice and high. I like to climb on it. I can see our neighbour's yard from our fence. Our neighbour has two dogs. They like to bark at me sometimes. My back yard has a tree that I like to climb, but my rope only lets me go so far. Sometimes my mommy or daddy person has to bring me down from the tree.

I love my new home. I love my new mommy and daddy. I'm glad that they found me at the animal shelter.

The End

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