You can't run, You can't hide

Year - 2016
Flashing light's rappidly glide over the face of a woman sitting in the window seat of a train, 
The woman is of medium height and weight with short dark brown hair and pail skin.
A crescent shaped scar along the left side of her eye gives her a standoffish demeanor.
Her clothes are warren and faded with patched up holes on the sleeves of her pants and jacket.
Outside the train countless miles of grass and farm land fly by as the train fallows it's tracks into the horizon. 

An hour go's by as the woman listens to her music staring up at the night sky from her window, just then a small shake ripples through the passenger cabin as the brakes activate bring the train slowly to a halt in the middle of the vast filled.
The many people on the train become irritated and annoyed with the delay yelling out for answers.
She removes her headphones and leans her head out the window to see what was delaying the train. 
Her eye's light up as she catches a glimpse of a man in a long white coat with a matching hat stands along side the train. Six black armored vehicles with government plates drive to the front of the train blocking it's path.
She quickly scopes up a few books she had scattered on the seat, straps her backpack on and runs up to the second floor of the train.
Heavily equipped soldiers emerge from the vehicles wearing body armor and began boarding the train.
The man in the white coat boards the first passenger cart, he lift's his badge above his head and in a strange tone of voice addresses all the passengers aboard.

[?] Good evening folks, i'm sure your all wondering about the men with guns please don't be alarmed there are hear for your protection i can assure you.
I am an agent with the United States Government, on board this train is a criminal... a young woman age thirty one, dark brown hair with a scar on the left side of her face maybe traveling with an accomplice, a older man perhaps in his late sixties wearing a fedora much like myself but black with a brown ban.
If any of you have seen this woman please speak now.

A few seconds of silents lingers tell a man stands up and claims he seen her in the fourth passenger cart. The man in the white coat speaks into a small microphone embedded in the sleeve of his coat.

[?] She is in the fourth car, subdue and obtain the subject lethal force is permitted if necessary.

The woman runs past all the passengers on the second floor of the forth car and locks herself in the bathroom. She frantically rummages through her pack pulling out a little vile of pills emptying them into her hand and swallows one of them.
She puts the vile back into her pack and waits for the men to come to her.
As the armed men enter the forth car all the passengers on board are pointing up to the second floor, the soldiers make there way up the stairs as people point them down the hall to the bathroom.
From underneath the small crack in the bottom the bathroom door the shadows of the men's feet approach signaling her to brace for what is to happen.

A quit moment of nerves hangs in the air with only the sound of foot steps and guns rattling to brake the silents.
She lifts her hand above her head violently bringing it crashing down across the air in front of her.
The doors to the bathroom rip from there hinges and collide with the soldiers knocking them down in the narrow hallway. One of soldier laying on the ground reaches for his gun grabbing it and blindly unloads many rounds from his assault rifle hitting some passengers. Blood soaks through the pant leg of the woman leaking down her leg forming a puddle around her feet. Not registering any emotion or seeming to be affected by the gun shot wound she extends her arm levitating the gun bringing the butt of the gun smashing into the soldiers head several times cracking his helmet leaving him incapacitated.
Stepping out into the hallway she extends her arm waving her hand in the motion of swatting a fly lifting eight soldiers off there feet and flinging them around the car like rag dolls crashing there bodies into the ceiling and sending them flying out the windows of the second floor. 
Two loud thud sounds coming from the stairway echo as two metal canisters hit the walls of the train and bounce around coming to a stop on the floor. Hissing loudly the canisters start to spin dispensing a thick smoke filling the car, from the stairway two men enter the car wearing specialized masks.
The woman's vision blurs as her eye's tear up, she begins to choke inhaling the smoke dropping to the floor coughing.
With one hand over her mouth she reaches out the other hand forcing one soldier to point the barrel of his gun at the other soldier and pull the trigger blowing off half his helmet along with half his face. The smoke dissipates seeping out the broken windows she quickly pushes herself up from off the ground, extending her hand outward she forces the soldier to point the barrel of his gun underneath his chin and pull the trigger.

 The rest of the passengers look on in absolute fear as she levitates herself from of the floor, gliding to one the windows she leaves a trial of blood dripping from her leg.
She drops gently to her feet making a painful face as she makes contact with the floor, she takes a deep breath and leaps out through one of the broken windows.
She lands on the ground running limping her way to the front of the train.
Raising her hand in the air she swipes it downward at the three armored vehicles pushing them back and flipping them over onto there roofs.
She tightens her pack and starts to run before being stopped dead in her tracks by a voice.

[?] Tesla!......

That echoing voice rang through her body like a bolt of electricity stopping her from running.
She turned gazing into the eye's of the man in white.

[?] Where will go, you can't keep running from us... from me.
You can't run and you can't hide... come back with me Joanna.

[Joanna] .....

She becomes enraged yelling at the top of her lungs.
The irises in Joanna's eye's glaze over with a flash of gold, she lifts her palm levitating the man in white and holding him suspended in mid the air.

[Joanna] I'm going kil... kill yo...

Joanna's vision becomes blurred loosing control and dropping the man on the ground as she falls to her knees gripping her head. She starts to panic pounding her fists against her head. The man lifts himself up to his feet using his hat to dusts himself off.

In a very smug comical tone the man tries to calm her down.

[?] You know these suits are very expensive Joanna, i don't appreciated you dropping me like that. 
Your using the doctors pills again aren't you Joanna, i warned you what would happen if you used those pills speaking of witch were is the good doctor, i would like very much to have a word with him.

Shaking her head Joanna regains her footing using the pain from her wound as adrenaline. Joanna takes a deep breath and gives him a look of utter absolute disgust.

[Joanna] I am going to kill someday you bastard.

In a smug tone the man in white quickly response. 

[?] Someday is right.

She grips the straps on her pack and runs off into the treeline.
Two soldiers exit the train and approach the man in white.

[Soldier] Shall we pursue her sir.
[?] No, she's to dangerous if we don't have our vehicles besides... she's on her own now.
[Soldier] And the civilians?
[?] They seen to much, i'll leave it to you men to work your magic and make them disappear.

A trail of blood leads to a old rotted abandoned barn, Joanna limps her way to the corner of a horse stable collapsing down onto the ground. She piles the hey against the wall and leans back on it resting her head, reaching into her pack pulling out a shirt she rips it in two and ties it around her gunshot wound.
Joanna's breaths slowly calming her state of mind, she reaches into her pack pulling out a small brown and white book titled Michelangelo Buonarroti : A Sculpture of Stone and Word.
She opens up the book to the corner of the page marked and begins to read out loud to herself.

[Joanna] " The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it."

The night crawls on at a snails pace for Joanna as she tries to cope with the pain, the book falls from her hand landing open, Joanna falls to the side passing out leaving herself exposed to any danger to come.

The End

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