It's Interesting, Really

It's kind of funny, really.
It's interesting, we're so reserved and careful about what we say in society,
Then come up to writing sites and write poems and such, not really minding who reads them.

Well, most of the time.

It's the poetry that can be the touchy stuff.

If a piece is about a particular someone,
We don't mind if complete strangers see our thoughts.
But it can be near apocalypse if the subject finds out,
Or worse: discovers who the subject is.

Do I mind if you see these pieces?
Not really.

It might make me feel a bit odd, knowing that you know about these bits and pieces of so-called poetry.
But these pieces, when stumbled over, have made your day.

And if I make your day with this one, or any piece,
If you don't find this piece, that's fine too.
But I have a feeling you'll find it eventually.

You'll find it, one way or another, at some point down the road.

The End

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