Shadow of Doubt

My, how time flies.

We've talked so much in a short span of time.

All of the times are so memorable to me.

They all say time's supposed to strengthen friendships.

And it has strengthened it...

... for the most part.

This shadow.

I hate it.

I absolutely hate it.

Amidst our light,

Why is that cloud hanging over there,

that one just over the horizon?

I want to trust you completely.

We should trust things, even if we can't see them.

Faith, they call it.

I've heard too many horror stories,

I want to think "It could never happen to me,"

but that's what they all say.

The mantra becomes their downfall.

I mean, there's definitely time for circumstances to change.

I could actually see you,

and you, me.

We wouldn't just have to rely on faith to keep this friendship going.






Stupid shadow...

The End

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