Why This Curiosity?

I've been pondering lately.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, I ponder quite frequently.

But I've been pondering our friendship lately.

I marvel at the ease of our conversations.

I delight that we never really run out of topics to talk about.

But I wonder why.

Why is it that we think on the same line?

Why is it that we can always talk about anything, even the simplest of topics, and the conversation remains interesting throughout?

But I don't just wonder about the present.

Why did I say "hi" that August evening?

Why did you spark my curiosity?

Why do I muse about a fantastically unlikely meeting?

Heck, why am I writing this right now?

Then I think some more.

There's a reason for everything.

There are no such things as accidents, you know.

I'd voice what I think could happen,

But even I, the ponderer, cannot think up what may be to come.


And yet still I ponder, with musing wonder...

Why this curiosity?

The End

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