That's What Friends Are For

This is a girls aloud FAN FICTION. I have to stress that this is FAN FICTION and it is not real, or true.
Anything on here that may seem like it has been taken from an interview is not mine. I also don't 'own' any of the people in this fiction, in a sense, no one does, however i'm sure you all know what I mean.
I'm just having a little play around and then I'll give everyone back!

Chapter One: Blow your cover

Ashley Cole walked up behind his wife and kissed her neck. Cheryl grinned and turned to him, wrapping her paint covered arms around him.
'Afternoon beaut!' Cheryl laughed, looking at her watch. Ashley began to protest.
'It's only,' he looked at Cheryl's watch. Cheryl smirked and nodded.
'Two. Okay, but I was at practice all day yesterday, and I was up till like three this morning, St Trinians was on, and you know I love watching it.' Ashley replied, looking around.
'What are you doing anyway?' He asked, seeing her holding a paintbrush, a half painted room behind her, and an old shirt on her back.
'I'm singing baa baa black sheep, what does it look like I'm doing?' She asked, sarcastically. Ashley nodded.
'Okay, but why?' he asked, yawning and stretching out. Cheryl shook her head and sneered.
'We need somewhere to put everything, and I want the room done up nicely before stuff goes in,' she replied, turning around and painting. Ashley nodded.
'Oh. Okay, I suppose that's fair enough. Did you tell your mum yet?' He asked casually. Cheryl shook her head.
'No, she's coming by later on. She didn't say what time though so you better get dressed,' She replied, turning and looking Ashley up and down, before gesturing towards his baggy, low jog pants that he used as sleep pants. Ashley nodded and wiped his eye.
'Okay, well I need a shower first, I'm still not awake,' he replied, leaving to shower. Cheryl shook her head and continued with her painting.
She made sure that every gap was filled, and only had half a wall left to do.
After finishing the first coat of paint, Cheryl went into the living room, carrying paper, pens and a craft knife. She sat on the couch, and began to draw stencils. She then carefully scored along the lines and popped them out.
'You're too good babe. Do you not want a rest?' Ashley asked, as he walked in, wearing a light green shirt and light jeans. Cheryl smiled.
'No, I'm fine. I want to get this done before mum gets here, and don't forget, mum, dad, Joanne,
and the girls are coming for tea tonight,' Cheryl reminded Ashley, since he was quick enough to offer that Cheryl cook for everyone. Ashley sighed and sat down.
'Okay, so the big revelation's tonight then I guess,' He replied, picking up some of the stencils that Cheryl had already finished. Cheryl nodded.
'Yep. The sooner the better. Less questions, less secrets,' She replied, putting all of the stencils into a pile and picking them up.
'I'll make my own breakfast then.' Ashley called after her. Cheryl walked back into the room.
'I did make you breakfast, but I was so hungry, and you weren't awake so I ate it,' She replied, sticking her tongue out and leaving.
As she got to the middle of the stairs, the doorbell rang. She sighed and ran back down to open it.
'Oh mam! We were expecting you later on,' Cheryl replied, giving her mum a cuddle. Joan smiled.
'Painting are we?' She asked, looking at Cheryl's shirt. Cheryl laughed and nodded.
'Yeah, just a bit. Want a drink?' Cheryl asked, pointing to the kitchen. Joan shook her head.
'No thanks love, maybe later. So what you painting?' Joan asked, taking off her coat and hanging it up. Cheryl shrugged her shoulders.
'Just a spare room,' she replied, hiding the stencils in a handbag that was hanging on the banister beside her. Joan nodded.
'Lets see it then,' she said, almost pushing Cheryl upstairs. Cheryl laughed and showed her mum up to the spare room.
Joan stepped in and looked around to see cream walls, with a very light violet border.
'Aawh love, this is nice, what's going in it?' Joan asked, turning to see Cheryl trying to close a big cupboard door. Joan looked confused.
'What are you hiding in there?' She asked, stepping over to Cheryl. Cheryl shook her head.
'It's just stuff. I'm not hiding it,' Cheryl lied bluntly. Joan shook her head and pulled the door wide open, to see boxes upon boxes full of baby furniture that hadn't been opened. Joan gasped and stood back.
'Aawh tell me you are Cheryl!' She grinned, looking at her twenty-six year old daughter. Cheryl shook her head.
'We're preparing, you know,' She replied, sitting on a closed paint tub. Joan sat on a step of the ladder and sighed.
Cheryl shrugged her shoulders.
'You know me mam, I've wanted kids since I was a teenager, I just wasn't properly ready 'till I married Ash,' Cheryl replied, shrugging her shoulders. Joan nodded.
'I know you have love, I know, and you're gonna be a great mum, I know it. You'll have your first kid at all Ashley's matches and taking him or her with you when you go somewhere nice with work.' Joan smiled. Cheryl nodded.
'Yeah, but you gotta show a line too. It's not just the good stuff,' Cheryl replied, looking around.
'I mean, I cant just let my kids get away with everything. And they need to know that there's a line that they cant cross when it comes to fame and fortune and stuff. Then there's making sure they get punished when they do wrong, maybe by grounding them, then with school it would be detentions, it's a lot of work, I know, but it's worth it.' Cheryl l smiled as she thought about children and the future. Joan stood up and cuddled her daughter.
Cheryl grinned and stood up too. The pair made their way downstairs and into the living room.
'Alright Joan?' Ashley asked, as they walked into the room. Joan smiled and sat down.
'I'm good Ashley, and apparently you are too, all this preparation.' Joan smiled. Ashley looked up to see Cheryl, standing behind Joan, waving her hand in front of her, as though she was sawing her neck.
'Yeah I'm alright Joan, Yeah,' Ashley replied, as he gestured for Cheryl to sit next to him. Cheryl sat close to him and he put his arm around her.
'You're still coming tonight aren't you mam?' Cheryl asked, nodding. Joan nodded straight away.
'Course I am. I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to see you and the girls,' Joan replied. Cheryl grinned.
'Good, it's gonna be good. What do you think of fusili, with salad chopped up into it, with a kind of Spanish sauce?' Cheryl asked, looking from Ashley to Joan. The pair nodded.
'Yeah, is that what you made a few weeks ago?' Ashley asked. Cheryl nodded and smiled slowly.
'Yeah, doesn't take long, and it's gorgeous,' she replied. Ashley nodded.
'I know, I loved it didn't I.' he smiled. Cheryl turned and kissed Ashley.

'Hi Kim, come on in. Mum, dad, Joanne, that's my step mum, and Nic are already here,' Cheryl greeted Kimberley as she entered. Kimberley smiled and hugged Cheryl. She then hung her coat up and handed Cheryl a bottle of rose wine.
'Aawh thanks Hun.' Cheryl smiled, as she allowed Kimberley into the living room.
By the time everyone had arrived, Cheryl had two bottles of rose wine, a bunch of flowers and three cakes.
'Guys if you wanna take this stuff home you can, cause we wont use it all, especially the wine,' Cheryl told everyone, as they sat down at the immaculately set table.
'Why especially the wine?' Sarah asked, curiously. Cheryl looked over at Ashley.
'Well, I guess now is as good a time as any,' she nodded, standing up. Ashley smiled and nodded back.
'Yeah, you wanna say or shall I?' he asked, with the palms of his hands facing upwards. Cheryl grinned and just rested her hand on her tummy.
'Okay, I'll do it,' She grinned, looking down. Joan gasped and knew immediately.
'Mam shut your trap and let us tell ya,' Cheryl said, pointing at Joan. Joan closed her mouth but couldn't help but smile. Cheryl struggled to find the words as her hand stiffened across her tummy, unsure whether to just say it, or make a mini speech of it. She opened her mouth and nothing came out.
'Guess who's pregnant,' Sarah joked, sipping some water. Everyone except Cheryl, Ashley and Joan laughed.
Garry sat up straight, as did Joanne. Kimberley tilted her head toward Cheryl and Sarah smirked, biting her lip as they all looked up at Cheryl.
'Surprise?' She cringed, as she grinned at Ashley, who reached across the table and took Cheryl's hand.
Everyone was quiet for a moment, letting the news sink in.
'Congratulations babe,' Kimberley grinned, as she stood up and cuddled her best friend, giving her a kiss on the cheek as she did so.
'Yeah course Cheryl, congratulations!' Sarah, Nicola and Nadine grinned.
'Definitely love. Me and your mam couldn't be more proud of you,' Garry grinned, shaking Ashley's hand and cuddling Cheryl.

'Thanks . We're really happy, aren't we Ash,' Cheryl looked over to Ashley, who was grinning from ear to ear, as he sipped some wine. Cheryl playfully slapped his hand and took the glass from him.

'If I have to go without, you can too!' She told him, swapping it for water. Ashley sighed and sipped the water instead.
'We are happy. We've wanted kids for ages, you all know that,' Ashley smiled.
'So how far along are you Hun?' Nicola asked, as everyone began to eat. Cheryl looked up at Nicola.
'Thirteen weeks,' she replied, gulping, but smiling over at Ashley. Everyone at the table grinned as they saw the chemistry between the married couple.

'Thirteen weeks! You could have said something!' Joan gasped.
'You can't be thirteen weeks, you don't look like you're any curvier!' Kimberley stated. Cheryl grinned and removed her black jacket, to reveal a small, but surely there bump, underneath a figure hugging t-shirt. Everyone cooed as they saw the bump. Ashley grinned as he watched his wife.
Cheryl put her coat on the back of her chair and sat back down.
'So were you waiting for the right time or doing the whole three months thing?' Nadine asked, casually, as she ate her food.
'We wanted to wait. Just in case. We didn't really want to jinx it.' Ashley replied, sipping his water.
Nadine nodded and everyone began to eat in silence.

'What happens with X Factor then?' Nicola asked, after swallowing some food. Cheryl held up one hand as she finished eating.

'Nothing. I mean, I fail to see how pregnancy affects my ears and mind. I can still see when a great artist walks in the room and sings, so X Factor stays as it is,' Cheryl replied.

'Well yeah, you're right, but you did lose a lot of weight last time. It wasn't healthy for you then, and it won't be now,' Kimberley replied, remembering the press attention that Cheryl received when her act, Alexandra Burke, won the X Factor the previous year.

'Well that's just something I'll need to work out, I mean, yeah, I did lose weight, but I'm not taking it this year. At the very least, I'll be in bed at eleven, eleven thirty at the latest, and I'll be up at eight the next morning, not before, giving me a decent amount of time to sleep. I'm not letting myself go anywhere without having a proper breakfast. I mean, with auditions, it's easy, I can just have a solid routine. Fair enough, with the live shows, I might need a bit of help, but with everyone I know in the industry, including you girls, I have a feeling it won't be too hard.' Cheryl replied. Sarah nodded.
'Well I'm always here if you need me babe,' She assured Cheryl. Cheryl grinned.
'Thank you,' She replied, smiling and looking over to see Ashley trying to sneak some wine.
'Oi,' was all she had to say, and Ashley stopped. He sighed and continued eating.
'Go on love, let him have some,' Joan urged her daughter. Cheryl protested.
'We're in this together he says. In sickness and health he says. Well we're in this pregnancy together too, and if I have to give birth and have an aching back and all that stuff, he has to at least do the things he can to make me feel better!' She laughed. Ashley nodded.
'I know, and I want to do it, it's just because you've told me no,' Ashley smirked. Cheryl shook her head.
'Don't be teaching the baby that little trick!' Nicola laughed, pushing her empty plate away from her. Cheryl nodded.
'I know! You'll be the one complaining in a couple of years when you tell him not to unplug the telly while footballs on, and he does it!' Cheryl said, standing up and picking up the empty plates.

As she walked past Joan, Nicola and Kimberley, each of them touched her tummy and smiled.

'Alright. What do you lot want for desert? We've got Ice Cream, Frozen Yoghurt, I can make a fruit salad, Nadine's chocolate cake, Nicola's chocolate topped cheesecake, or Sarah's sponge cake.' Cheryl asked everyone as the stood up.
'Erm you don't want mine, look on the box,' Sarah shook her head and walked into the kitchen to show it to Cheryl.
The words
Soaked In Brandy
were written on the side of the box. Cheryl handed Sarah the cake, smirking.
'Thanks for that,' Cheryl laughed, walking into the living room.
'Alright, what do we like?' Cheryl asked, shrugging her shoulders.
Everyone shrugged their shoulders as Ashley turned his Nintendo Wii on.
'Cheesecake?' Cheryl asked. Everyone nodded, absent-mindedly, as they watched Ashley playing tennis on it. Cheryl shook her head and went back into the kitchen with Sarah.
'That blooming Wii. I swear people pay more attention to that than they do me,' Cheryl shook her head and took Nadine's Cheesecake from its wrapped, and placed it on a cake platter.
'Everyone's just in shock. I mean, we all thought you might be a few weeks ago, but then you never said anything, so we dismissed it and never thought anything more of it,' Sarah confessed. Cheryl turned, with a big sharp knife in her hand, which ended up pointing at Sarah.
'What? Why didn't you say something?' Cheryl asked. Sarah bent backwards a little as she noticed the knife. Sarah pointed at it and Cheryl laughed, before putting it down.
'Sorry. But how come? I would have said something if you had asked. Well, I didn't say anything to my mum when she asked earlier, but oh I don't know,' Cheryl laughed and turned to cut the cake.

'I don't know, you kept running off and throwing up, then you started wearing your old hoodies and Golddigga jackets, and we asked each other to find out who knew stuff, and no one knew, so we said we'd wait and see if you mentioned it, otherwise, you were just ill and wanted to wear the jackets,' Sarah explained, handing Cheryl nine small plates. Cheryl nodded as she put a slice of cheesecake on each plate.
'Wanna see what I did this morning?' Cheryl asked excitedly, remembering the nursery. Sarah shrugged her shoulders and followed Cheryl upstairs while Ashley was on the Wii, now playing bowling against Nicola, and Nadine. Kimberley saw the pair sneak upstairs and followed them up, tip toeing behind them.
'What you two sneaking away for?' She whispered, when they got to the top of the stairs. Cheryl and Sarah jumped.
'Kimberley you scared me!' Cheryl laughed, realizing who it was. Kimberley laughed.
'Why? What you hiding?' She asked, smirking. Cheryl shook her head.
'Nothing, just showing Sarah what I did this morning,' Cheryl explained, stopping at the door of the spare room.
'Welcome to baby Cole's first room,' Cheryl smiled, opening the door slowly and allowing the girls in.
'Oh my god, there is no way on earth you did all this today!' Kimberley gasped, looking around.
'Got up at like six. My mam turned up halfway through, all I'd done was the main colour on the walls and the border, but I convinced her to go and have a bath and stuff at home,' Cheryl explained, laughing.
'This is gorgeous Cheryl,' Sarah grinned.
The walls had been dotted with paintings of bricks, teddies and letters, from the stencils that Cheryl had made before Joan turned up.

There were white curtains up at the windows, draping down at the perfect angle, with a photo of Cheryl, as a baby, on the right, and one of Ashley as a baby, on the left, both surrounded by beach frames.
In the far right corner, there was a cot, with a mobile hanging over the top. On the other side of the window, there was a set of beach drawers, with alphabet letters painted on them.

'Aawh well done babe, but you've got like six months to go, why get everything now?' Sarah asked curiously, as she admired the photo of baby Cheryl. Cheryl shrugged her shoulders.
'Preparation. I'd rather know we have everything than be panicking in a few months time,' Cheryl explained, as she heard Ashley calling her.
The three girls went downstairs and met Ashley at the bottom.
'Are you alright babe?' He asked, stroking her arm Cheryl lowered her eyebrows and nodded.
'Yeah, why?' She was confused as to why Ashley would ask, and wondered what he thought was wrong.
'I just thought you might be a bit upset about something, going upstairs without saying and stuff,' Ashley explained, putting his arms around Cheryl's neck. Cheryl smiled.
'I was just showing them the nursery,' Cheryl explained. Ashley nodded.
'Oh right. You're sure you're okay?' He asked once more. Kimberley laughed and nodded as a cue for her and Sarah to go to the living room with everyone else.
'I'm fine. Come on, help us with the cake,' Cheryl grinned, as she began walking and took hold of Ashley's hand.
The pair walked into the kitchen and Ashley swept Cheryl off her feet as he lifted her and sat her on the counter.
'Ashley!' Cheryl laughed. Ashley laughed too.
'What? I don't want you doing any more work. You've done loads today, so I'm doing some now,' he replied, leaning in to kiss her.
'Oh now come on guys, you remember your guests are still here don't you?' Nadine smirked as she walked past the kitchen door.
Cheryl and Ashley laughed. Ashley turned around to pick up the plates of cheesecake and began putting them onto two trays.

'Nadine, he won't let me get down and take everyone their cheesecake!' Cheryl moaned. Nadine just laughed.
'Good! Sarah and Kimba were just telling us you were up at six this morning doing the nursery, which I'm gonna sneak up and see later. Let someone else do it now!' Nadine replied, helping Cheryl off the counter. Cheryl whimpered.
'But I'm the hostess!' She complained. Ashley laughed.
'Well I'm the host and I say it's my turn, now get your little bum into that living room!' Ashley said, quickly kissing her before he picked up the trays and began to carry them through.
'And the wanderer returns!' Garry laughed as he saw Cheryl. Cheryl shook her head, but couldn't help smirking.
'Alright, here's your cheesecake. If you wanna eat at the table, feel free.' Cheryl said, as Ashley was handing everyone a plate of cheesecake.
'Thanks pet,' Joan smiled, as everyone began to sit down.

Nicola, Joan, Nadine and Sarah squeezed themselves onto Cheryl and Ashley's three seat couch, with Kimberley perched on the left arm.. Garry sat on a chair in front of the window, with Joanne perched on the arm. Cheryl sat on a chair directly opposite Garry, with Ashley sitting on the edge as everyone ate.
'So Ashley, how do you plan to support my daughter?' Garry asked, with a very serious face. Ashley and Cheryl laughed.
'Funny dad.' Cheryl replied, taking Ashley's hand and putting her half eaten cheesecake to one side. Garry laughed.
'You're a good man Ashley, a good man. You know you don't deserve our Chez don't you?' Garry asked, nodding. Joanne turned to Garry.
'Gaz don't.' She warned him. Garry shook his head.
'What? No one deserves her. She's too good!' He replied. Everyone smiled and nodded.
'Right no, pack it in. Come on dad,' Cheryl pleaded, knowing this would get embarrassing. Garry shrugged his shoulders and nodded.
'Alright love, okay.' He replied, before the room returned to silence.

A phone beeped and everyone took theirs out.
'Sorry it's me,' Kimberley said, holding up her phone.
'Well it's not you cause you're there. Tell him you're having a nice time with your friends and you'll be home later,' Sarah told her, knowing it would be Justin. Kimberley read the text and smiled. Nadine smirked on one side of her mouth and tilted her head.
'What's he saying?' She asked, being rather nosy. Kimberley passed her the phone.
'Just found a box of pictures of me and you together. Gonna put them in the album you bought yesterday...they're from our first date, when you had just got that new camera.2 Love you babes. Kisses. Justin.' Nadine read the text aloud and passed the phone back to Kimberley.
'Aawh that is so sweet. I remember when you came back from that date, you were showing us all the pictures like look what we did and where we went! It was so cute!' Nicola smiled as she remembered back to when girls aloud only had one number one hit. Kimberley laughed.
'Yeah, but I wasn't as bad as Cheryl when she went out with Ashley!' Kimberley replied, forgetting that Ashley was in the room.
'Kimba!' Cheryl gasped, as she heard what Kimberley had said. Kimberley laughed.
'Oh come on! You're married, he should know anyway!' Sarah replied. Cheryl's tongue stuck out of her cheek as she swirled it around in her mouth.
'Alright then. Okay, tell him what I did then,' Cheryl shrugged her shoulders as she began to collect plates. Nadine stood up.
'You're not allowed to do any more work, remember? Come on, give me those plates!' Nadine took the plates from Cheryl and pointed at the chair, signalling for Cheryl to sit back down.
'Stop sulking!' Nadine called from the kitchen, as though psychic. Cheryl immediately sat up straight and took hold of Ashley's hand, as Kimberley began to tell the story of what Cheryl did after their first date.
'Right, so we're waiting in Cheryl's for her to come home, and she walks in the door, grinning this huge big grin. So someone said to her, I take it it went well then. So then Cheryl sat down and started going on about how gorgeous her date was and how she wants to see him again and the psychic was right and all that stuff.' Kimberley said, as Cheryl cringed.
'Yeah all night she was saying stuff like Next time we're going to, and when we have kids, we're going to and kept going on as though you would be together forever.' Nicola nodded. Cheryl looked up at Ashley and grinned.
'Oh is that it? God, when I went home, well, when I went home I went to bed, but when I saw my mates the next day, I couldn't stop talking about her. How she was gonna be with me for eternity, and we were gonna get married and have kids someday. We'd be living out our dreams together,' Ashley smiled, still looking into Cheryl's eyes, with a firm grasp of her hand.
'We were both right though, weren't we.' She grinned, as Nadine walked back into the room. Ashley nodded and kissed Cheryl lightly.
'Alright, enough mushy stuff. Cheryl, when are you due?' Sarah asked, missing Tommy.
'Erm, 4
November' Cheryl replied, shifting in her chair. Sarah and Kimberley nodded as Kimberley gave a big yawn.
'Someone's tired.' Joan smiled. Kimberley laughed.
'I am, I think I'll have to get going in a minute, get to bed!' Kimberley replied, standing up.
'God Kimba, it's only eight, what time were you up?' Nadine asked, as Kimberley rubbed her right eye.
'Seven. I don't know why I'm tired, I've just been, I don't know, not able to wake up all day really.' Kimberley explained, before she hugged Sarah, Nicola and Nadine.
'I'll see you tomorrow maybe. It was nice seeing everyone, and thanks Chez,' Kimberley smiled as Cheryl stood up and walked her to the door.
Once the pair were in the hallway, with the living room door closed, Kimberley hugged Cheryl tight.
'Are you sure you're okay with this Kim?' Cheryl asked, sighing slightly. Kimberley nodded.
'I'll be fine Cheryl, I promise,' Kimberley smiled and put her coat on. Cheryl nodded.
'Okay, it's just, I know how much you want children, but you said it yourself, you don't feel ready. But I promise, you will be in this baby's life...a lot,' Cheryl smiled and kissed Kimberley's cheek, before waving her off.
'I think we'll get going too love, congratulations,' Garry and Joanne stood up and each hugged Cheryl.
'Okay, thank you and I'll talk to you soon.' Cheryl replied, opening the door for them.

'Is she alright?' Ashley asked Cheryl, as she slumped back into her chair. Cheryl nodded.
'She said she'll be fine. I think she just needs time to adjust, she doesn't like change, and she's wanted kids for ages.' Cheryl replied, sighing. Everyone went quiet for several minutes, not knowing what to say. Kimberley was always the mother of the group, but she had always said she wanted children, but not now. Not until she feels that she and Justin are completely ready, but it still will have hurt her when her best friend revealed that she and her husband were starting a family.

'Come on, I bought a new Wii game yesterday, a trivia one, shall we play?' Ashley asked, standing up.
'Alright, I'm in!' Sarah sat up right. Everyone nodded and said they would play, so Ashley went to the cupboard in the hall and took the game out. He took the disc from the case and put it into the Wii. He picked up two remote controls.
'Alright, two teams,' he held them in the air.
'Okay, Family V Friends?' Nicola asked, shrugging her shoulders. Everyone agreed and Joan moved nearer to where Cheryl was sitting.

' we go,' Ashley handed the second Wii remote to Nicola and pushed the chair, whilst Cheryl was sitting on it, over next to Joan, before he perched on the edge again.

'One. What coronation street character did actress Lucy Jo Hudson play?' The Wii asked the question.
'A. Vera. B. Maria. C. Fizz. Or D. Katy' The computer gave an option of answers.

'Ooh...well It's not B, because that's Samia' Sarah said to herself.
Cheryl pointed to a button on Ashley's remote and he pressed it.

'It was Katy. Team Cole. One Point' The Wii told everyone.
'Who the hell did that?' Nicola asked, noticing Cheryl smiling.
'Oh I might have known!' Sarah replied, shaking her head.
'Two. Who swims with the sharks?' A. James Morrison. B. Britney Spears. C. Girls Aloud D. Alexandra Burke.'

'Oh gosh...well definitely it's not us.' Nadine said, straight away.
'What do you mean? Sometimes we're swimming with the sharks!' Nicola protested, choosing the correct answer before Cheryl, Joan and Ashley got to it.
'Girls Aloud is the correct answer. Well done Team daft. One Point.' The Wii spoke. As the Wii spoke, the three girls turned to see Ashley, Cheryl and Joan laughing.
'Team daft? Now come one! That's just not nice,' Nadine moaned. Everyone just ignored her and kept laughing until the next question came up.
'Baby Now That I've found you I cant let you go, I build my blank around you, I blank you so. What are the two blanks?' The computer system asked.
'Ooh I know it! Give me the remote!' Cheryl jumped up.
'Oh So do I! You sang it didn't you Chez! It's-' Nicola stopped talking as the Wii spoke.
'World, Need was the correct answer. Well done Team Cole, One point!' The games sounded.

By the end of the game, Cheryl, Ashley and Joan were just two points ahead, making them the declared winners.
''s half nine now. I'm off.' Joan stood up and cuddled Cheryl.
'You Mrs. Should have told me when I asked you earlier! And you Mr. Should have made her!' Joan said, looking at Cheryl's slightly swollen tummy and pointing at Ashley. The pair just laughed and looked up at each other.
'Okay mam, I'll see you soon. Love you,' Cheryl smiled, closing the door behind Joan. Cheryl and Ashley went back into the living room and joined Sarah, Nicola and Nadine.
'Want a drink?' Cheryl asked, heading for the kitchen.
'Can I have a drink of water Cheryl?' Nadine asked, as the other two shook their heads.
'You know us better than that Nadine, just go and get some if you want it!' Ashley said, closing the living room window.
Nadine laughed and went a little bit pink as Cheryl came back in.
'Nadine what's the matter? Are you too hot?' Cheryl asked, looking confused. Nadine laughed and shook her head.
'Nah, I just told her she should know us better, she should just go and get something if she wants it,' Ashley explained. Cheryl shook her head and playfully hit Ashley.
'That's not nice. But you can you know. Any time,' Cheryl nodded to Nadine. Nadine nodded back.
'I know, I just feel rude,' She explained sipping her water. Cheryl nodded her head. She knew Nadine wouldn't change her mind.
'Hey Chez, when do X Factor auditions start?' Sarah asked, leaning back. Cheryl thought for a minute. She looked over to Ashley, then walked over to their wall calender on the back of the living room door.
'Oh. A week today, first ones are in Glasgow. I'm dreading this live audience though. I mean, what if I say something and they don't agree with it?' Cheryl asked, nestling back down next to her husband. Ashley was sat on the arm of the chair with one foot up on the chair.
'Cheryl were you oblivious to the press last year? You brought the X Factor so much attention, and your act won, Alexandra's amazing, we all know that. And apparently, Simon told a magazine that he would happily leave X Factor and let you do it, if it wasn't his show.' Nadine said, reassuring Cheryl. Cheryl nodded slowly and lay her head on Ashley's knee.
'Alright, I don't know about you two but I'm off,' Sarah stood up, noticing that Cheryl looked tired. Nadine and Nicola noticed and nodded.
'Yeah, Charlie's at home anyway, probably hasn't worked out how to use the microwave yet.' Nicola laughed, as she and Nadine stood up.
'Nicola! That's mean, you could have at least said the cooker! But the microwave, that's just cruel!' Cheryl laughed quietly as Nadine said this.
'It's not mean, It's the truth!' Nicola replied, as the three girls hugged Cheryl and said goodbye, letting themselves out.

'Ash what needs done now?' Cheryl asked, slowly lifting her head. Ashley shook his head.
'Never you mind, you get off up to bed, you've done too much today,' Ashley insisted, helping Cheryl stand up. Cheryl yawned and nodded. She would usually say no and start to tidy up but she was just too tired, so instead, she kissed Ashley and wandered up to bed.

The End

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