Sunlight shining through a broken piece of the blinds in my window. I groaned.

As soon as I wake up, ever since the day of the accident, it's hit me

She's gone.

She's not coming back.

I'm alone.

Rolling out of bed I stumbled my way down the hall and to the bathroom. I looked horrible. Now I know why my mom and brother have been so worried about me. I was a mess.

"Hon, could you come down here for a minute?" Mom yelled up the stairs.

"Ya, I'm coming." I tiredly said back.

Nearly falling, I went downstairs to see my mom and older brother sitting at the table, waiting for me.

Oh great, they were planning something.

"Come sit down." Richard said.

"Mmmk, I'm coming." I mumbled.

I sat down and they both gave eachother a knowing look.

"It's been three months, Amy, you need to go back to school." She said the words I had known were coming for days.

"What! No! I don't want all the pity looks!" I yelled at her. "Richard! Help me out!"

"I'm sorry Amy, but you need to get back on a normal schedual." He said.

I glared at him.

"Fine I'll go." Knowing I'd regret it later, I said it.

"Okay, we called your teacher and told her you'd be coming tomorow." She looked me straight in the eyes. I looked away.

I walked up to my room and gave up. I couldn't take it. I just started to cry.

She would have been the one to help me.

Now I don't know who to turn to.

The End

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