That's the Way Life Is

You'd think it would be a dark, dreary day. No, it was gorgeous and sunny. Just the kind of day she would love.

We would have gone to the park together or just gone out in the yard and talked. Sometimes she would even run with me, but not usually.

We were best friends, closer than sisters usually are.

Now I was standing here at her funeral.

The priest was droning on about how great a person she was. He never even knew her!

As he went on, my mind wandered to the day of the accident.

It had been a great practice. Coach said he expected our team to take first at state. He was right, we could do it. We had been running quarters and my friends and I were waiting on our rides to show up.

Lea always picked me up on Tuesdays, the night she didn't work. Most of the time, she was one of the first ones there.

Not that time, I stood alone for an hour and a half. I guess it was until someone finally thought to answer my calls.

I didn't recognize the number, and later I realized it was the worst phone call I'd ever gotten.

 All he said was " Your sister was in a car accident. She didn't make it. We're sending a car to get you."

At first I thought it was a joke, a prank, but then the police car pulled up and the man asked if I was Ellie Kenworthy. I nodded and he said that my parents sent him to get me, they were too distraught to drive I was told later.

Right then and there I broke down.

I doubled over, gasping for air.

This couldn't be happening.

Not my sister.

Completely over-ridden by grief, I layed there and could not stand up.

The man guided me into the car and drove me home, to the huddle of sympathetic neighbors who wouldn't stop telling me "Time heals everything" and "It'll be fine, let God handle it."

I used to believe that God could take care of all of my problems.

There's no way there's a God if my sister was dead.

I snapped back to reality.

They were lowering the casket into the ground.

"Good-bye Lea" I thought, " I love you."

The End

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