Boris Vostok was just another name for terror in his prime days. Nothing could stop him. He was a shadow. He was darkness. The CIA tried everything, the MI6 almost died trying, there was no solution. But he was an honorable soldier. He had refused to shoot the President.

But as it turns out, Viktor Bikovsky was good with words too.

"You are the best we have. I can only trust you with this. There is a lot of pressure here Boris. The President had me meet the CIA chief. To join hands, to share info, end the Cold War and be peaceful. To hell with politics!! Remember Boris the kind of  people they are. Imagine CIA assets roaming around Russia."

Yes, and that was his good talk.

Because Boris hated the CIA. Some asset of theirs was assigned the job to neutralize Boris. That idiot couldn't do his job well. Natalya's mother, Boris's wife, Yelena, was shot in Moscow, an attempt meant for Boris.

The asset just screwed up. Not to mention that it did cost the CIA the death of 16 special branch officers stationed all over Russia as spies, and 6 other MI6 assets. No, the MI6 didn't have anything to do with the murder; they just land up at the wrong places at the wrong time that infuriates the wrong people, which sadly resulted in their demise.

He was unsatisfied with CIA's truce. That guy would've blown up the whole of Langley had the KGB chief not intervened. The MI6 just cried as usual. But what also struck Boris, was Natalya. She blamed her father and his job for her mother's death. She quit as the Section Chief of Krasnoyarsk, leaving KGB and joining the ministry instead.


And so we have Boris here who happily assassinates that supposedly bratty Russian President according to the KGB chief, not knowing that he did murder his maybe future son-in-law. Yeah, that's right. That's what kept Natalya busy after office-hours. But Boris didn't know. And neither did Natalya know who did it. But look at me. I knew!! Natalya thought it could have been the KGB, but never thought it would be her father. Yeah, I know it's sad, but what could I have possibly done. Boris had the gun.

So now, Natalya is pretty much angry with someone, Viktor will do anything to keep her from spilling out some beans, and my 40 year-old friend Boris is pretty depressed and sad with the current family situation. Yeah - he was a family guy, he loved his family so much, just as much as his job though. Equal division of emotions. No partiality.


Boris has got a lot of thinking to do. Those guys got him once; they took his wife, not that he didn't complain about it, coz she was just fat and diabetic anyway. But he was ok with it as long as he had his share of the kill. I mean the revenge part, yeah, exactly. However, this time those blood seeking parasites took his beautiful, hot, sexy, 30 year old daughter, which was so unasked for. 


The End

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