Boris followed Viktor into another room. It consisted of just two tables. Lying on them was a body, wrapped in sheets. Viktor politely removed the sheets.

"She's still pretty cold, her lungs are frozen completely," he said.

Boris knelt beside her. He touched her face.

Ooh Natalya.

Natalya Vostok worked in the ministry in St. Petersburg. She was Section Chief of Krasnoyarsk before she quit her job and joined the ministry. She did so as a result of her mother's death. She didn't want to do anything that involved the KGB in it.

She had stopped talking to her father from then on. She thwarted all attempts of a reasonable explanation by her father, even resorted to emotional blackmail, so Boris left her alone from then on.

"No wounds, no signs of poisoning, seems to be a pretty convenient death. Lot of witnesses that saw her car fall, but none aware of the primary cause or circumstances of the accident," informed Viktor.

"Was she carrying any valuable information?"

"It's a Monday, she was going to work, and I doubt she would carry work home on a weekend . . . . . . . . . . . What is it?"

Boris seemed to notice something pretty unusual. There was a slight depression on her neck. Like a strong soft impact of some kind. Boris thought for a while, showed it to Viktor, and then broke down.

Viktor gasped after noticing the find and stooped to console Boris.

Boris brushed him aside, sat up and spoke within sobs

"A rubber bullet was used,  possibly a .45 . ." he spoke with sobs.

 "Someone must explain. Someone must answer.. . They murdered my daughter Viktor.  My daughter!! "

Boris knew it had to be a mark of a rubber bullet. It was used in silent kills. He himself had used it twice. The KGB trains you in everything. All you have to do is use your brains. His first shot was just rigged target practice on a petty thief in the streets of Moscow. The second shot was for the 4th President of Russia. It was always fired at the heart. The victim thinks he is having a heart attack, clutches his heart, but by then he is on his way to some peaceful sleep.

The impact is powerful. The blunt bullet causes only internal damage. A slight depression at the point of contact fades away quickly while the spotter retrieves the bullet back so no traces are left.

Here it was almost the same. You have to just improvise. The heart would be a tough shot since the target was driving, the head would make it prominent, so one would do just what all predators do, go for the neck. Boris was thinking all this.

But it somehow left a mark. No need to retrieve the bullet back. And why was a public place chosen?? Too many witnesses present. All this is unprofessional. The facts are too easy to miss. It's just too much spoon-feeding. I've got a very bad feeling about this . . . . 


The End

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