Will stopped. Holding the doorway partially ajar, both James and Sophie stared at him, and Will wondered for a second if he had made a mistake in his plea. Cool night air cascaded along the floor, and Will shuddered as it passed by his bare feet.

"I..." Will began, but found nothing to say to excuse his rashness. Curse me!  He thought to himself. He stole a glance at the two Knights before him, who, in the pale obscurity of the moonlight, looked like judges prepared to condemn. 


He stared at the ghostly light that outstretched towards his feet. He felt  frozen, everything halted  but the only timekeeper he knew: the faulty, muffled beat of his own heart. Will's brow furrowed intensely as he focus split into two conflicting consciences: one trying to find some way to neutralize his vulnerability, the other cursing him for breaching that frivolous taboo.

Maybe I should pretend that I said something else? Or even just smile and wave?---What were you thinking?! You weren't invited! You weren't allowed! You have no place with them! Fix this!...Maybe I can convince them to stay longer? That might work....NO! They said that they couldn't stay. They are Knights! Agents of Aer! They'll destroy you if you impede on their work!....Aren't Knights supposed to be good?

He felt the burn of his mark strike vengefully. Will let out a short gasp, for, in that instance, he had been foolish enough to forget what weight had come with the curse mark. The pain reiterated the depression that rested so heavily on his heart. It pressed so arduously against him, Will couldn't bring himself to breathe too deeply. With a swiftness all their own, tears welled up and brimmed over his lids, pouring themselves onto the tile floors below. Again he cursed himself and despaired over his infidelity. 

Suddenly, the moonlight's broad span slowly began to thin. Will's eyes widened as he watched the sadly waning illumination disappear behind the closing door. With a single "click", the moonlight fled, and Will was alone.

He did nothing for a moment, the mixture of shock and the disbelief that accompanied the undesired outcome present before him, looking up at him from where the ash-colored lamp trail once lay present. As his disbelief turned into agony, Will simply let himself fall to his knees on the floor. Bringing his hands to his face, he weeped and bawled like he did every night he wandered the high grass.  His sin had once again robbed him of his chance at happiness.

"Didn't i tell you that if you needed me, i would be here?"

Will lifted his head towards the doorway, where, looking on with what looked like troubling, stood the two knights. James moved to grab Will's stuff, and Sophie kneeled next to him. "It's alright, Will." She wrapped and affectionate arm around his shoulder. "You can come, as well. It's just a long way, and we didn't know if we would be keeping you from your own path."

Will turned and thanked her,but as he attempted to look at her face, he realized that he couldn't meet her gaze. Something was seriously withholding his irises from looking at hers, and, even though his eyes burned from the strain he had exerted on them, he couldn't even bring them close enough to discern what color they were.


Will stepped outside moments later, clad in fresh traveling clothes and his sword in the scabbard at his hip. In front of him with the engine running was a black, military-grade Flyer D13. He turned to James behind the wheel, and then began to wonder what a Knight of Aer was doing with property of the Corcielian Army.

Sophie climbed into the passenger seat, letting out a short, stifled yawn."Ready?" She turned around back at Will. James looked up into the review mirror. Will nodded, and James pulled out of the driveway, headed down the road for Kent.

The End

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