Hospitality of the Good Samaritan

The world slowly came into view. Bleariness and drowsiness slowly brushing themselves from the content of Will's eyes. The wide open space that his consciousness had departed from was now replaced by the confines of a ceiling and walls. As he emerged even farther into reality, the smell of something delicious, like meat, made his stomach realize how hungry he was. He closed his eyes once again, inhaling deeply as he thought of the what it must taste like, felt like on his tongue.

"Uh-huh. I think that the food's just about ready." An unfamiliar voice answered suddenly. Will senses heightened as he sat up, quickly scanned the room, and realized that the voice was on the other side of the door that lay shut in front of him. Will listened intently, his hairs standing up on the back of his neck as he tried to figure a plan of action. He turned back around and scanned the room.  They took his sword, not that he could actually use it, anyway.

The voice heard through the door sounded much like a male, and Will noticed that he must've been close. He tiptoed around to try and find something that he could fend whoever was on the other side of the door off,  but it wasn't long before he actually noticed that the voice began to soften, departing away from the door and moving down the hallway.

Will looked back to his resting place: a bed with wool gray sheets. The room reminded him of his home as a youngster. The walls were white in the afternoon sun that peered through the window while he tried to make sense of where he could possibly be. His bed sat in the middle of a modest room, with a desk and dresser standing alone as its only two accompaniments. He just stared at the room for a second, then began to frantically search for his sword. He searched underneath and on both sides of the bed, looking in the closet as he tried to find the blade that he never turned to.

As he closed the closet door, he realized that it was nowhere to be found. Turning towards the door that led out into the hallway, he trembled, thinking about who was on the other side of the doorway. He didn't even know where he was, let alone how to escape.  Were they friendly? Hostile?

Will sat back down on the edge of the bed trying to find out what in the world he was going to do to. He was trapped, he realized, trapped in a place that he knew nothing about. These people had obviously come to detain him until the Soldiers of Coeurciel could come and take him back "home." He hadn't escaped the persecution; he had only made it chase after him. He slipped back underneath the covers, his mind no longer on survival: just despair. His body shuddered as he began to weep into his pillow. He was alone again, waiting for death as he was going to be killed soon by the King of Nash, and evil and ruthless ruler, who had all power in the world and the souls of man. there was no way that he could ever hope to escape him...

"You awake yet?"

Will turned to the door, a boy no older than he holding the it open, his eyes concerned behind a pair of glasses. Will quickly wiped his eyes dry, looking back to him and answering with a nod. "Y-Yes."

He smiled, "Then come on! There's food for you in the kitchen."

Will cautiously pulled the covers aside and walked out of the room, past  the boy in the door. "I'm James." He introduced himself.

"Will." It always sounded weird when he said it to other people.

"Well, Will, Sophia's going to be back soon, and the three of us can eat." James informed warmly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, while we wait, why don't i get you something to drink?" He pointed to a table in the kitchen.

It wasn't long before the two of them were sitting in the sun-drenched wood. At first, Will was afraid was to look out of the window. What if he was spotted? But then he realized that he was going to be shipped off to Coeurciel anyway, and he just let himself look out to towards the sun, liked he did before. He always tried to get his skin to memorize what it felt like to be in the sun, because he never knew how long it would be before he saw it again.

"It's a beautiful day, isn't it?" He said peacefully. Will's spun towards James, whose eyes were closed as he let the sun warm his face. "It's almost over, though, and we'll have to see about trying to get you back to sleep."

Will sighed. "I supposed you're right."

The two sat beneath the lowering rays of sunlight. The house was a solitary dwelling place in the fields. The light turned the world a golden hue as Will watched in silent adoration. Maybe they weren't here to take him back to Coeurciel.

"So," James began brightly, breaking Will's contemplation. "Who are you?"

The End

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