Home, sweet Paradise

Sophie and James rode in the car, the morning sun coloring the sky above them, the hood of the car tucked away, the wind flowing along their arms. The two smiled as the san warmed them, wrapped its big arms around them, and smothered them with light bursts of kisses.

Sophie was a frail girl, her out-stretched thin arms and legs part of a slender body. Her reddish-brown hair fluttered in the wind as her heart rose to meet the sun coasting along the sky. James was more robust, his kind blue eyes staring at the road, but his ears attentive to sound of the wind. He handled the wheel with gentle hands, not having to worry about his hair, short and close to his scalp. His hair was lighter than his friend's, an oak color unstained by smoke and industry. The two were on their way to the cathedral in town. The service was going to start soon, and they didn’t want to be late.

As they headed past the leaf stalks, Sophie turned to James. “Thanks for the ride,” she smiled. her teeth pearly and lighting her face with a radiating serenity.

James took his eyes off the road so that he could give her his undivided attention. His eyes were pools of understanding. He said nothing, but simply smiled.

Sophie opened her mouth to continue, but stopped. Out of the corner of her eyes, she witnessed a sight she knew that she couldn’t ignore it. Not while calling herself a Knight.

Knights inhabited the expanse of the continents. They were able to use the will of Astre, a force that encompassed the whole of the world, to battle the monsters and demons that infested the lands. Astre wasn’t dormant, though: it used Sophie and other Knights, like James, to carry out it’s work.

In the clearing of the stalks, there was what looked like a body that lied on the ground.

“Stop the car.” Sophie said.

The End

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