That which must be known...

three friends from three different places must learn to trust eachother and their swords to end a war between three countries. Their journey will plunge them into a world full of monsters called sins, and they will uncover a history of evilness in high places...

Will’s feet dragged along the earth beneath him as he moved through the fields that encompassed him. The grass was up to his shoulders when he stood upright, but he was fatigued by trying to escape the ghosts he wrought upon himself. The stalks of grass were now over his head, and he had no idea where he was going anymore. He didn’t know if he had made it past Onardam, or if he was even close to Ojerilot. The twilight had come to govern over him as Night relinquished his throne to Day, but the clouds had furrowed over God's brow and he watched with anger and concern.

Mostly anger.

Will kept moving , his knees freezing, his lungs burning. The wind swept around him, sliding beneath his shirt and placing, ever so lightly, its touch on his torso. Will felt them, and shivered as he bought his hands over his stomach, rubbing the two together.

The wind seized its chance. Gathering in force,it blew his hat off his head, carrying it off into the sky. Will straightened up, his eyes scanning the sky as he looked for the hat in the overcast.

There it was, flying away as he watched from below.

He felt a surge of irritation well up inside of him. Forgetting all about his fatigue, about his worry about where he was, he took off into the grass. His vision darted from the stalks to the hat sailing above, the wind ferrying it lower than its’ initial height, and letting it sink slowly to the ground. Will moved the grass out of the way, his hands shifting left and right as he raced through.

And then, there was none.

Will stopped, looking before him, the stalks ended, and before him was a tablet of stone that stood upright. He saw his hat land straight on the tablet, teasingly taunting his trifling terrors.

Will stood there, his eyes watering from the wind. He didn’t move at first; his body was aching. But as he reached for his hat, God wrapped him in sleep, and Will fell beneath the hat and stone, a single cowbell hanging over his face as he closed his eyes.

The End

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