Greg's heartMature

“Right,” the host clears his throat and launches the device in his hands behind him and it impales an audience member in the head.

                “Oh, sorry!  Glad this isn’t really televised.  Okay! Greg, down to business. I sent you up there to get a taste of victory had things been so easy.  But, they’re not. Just saying you forgive yourself and everyone who has ever wronged you doesn’t mean jack. We have to see that in your heart.” The host points to the camera man. “hey, close up on his chest. C’mon, hurry up or it’s back to the fire pit for you.”

                “Ughhh!” Says the camera man and he points the camera to Gregs Chest.

                “Ok, this might sting a bit.  But, don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” The host says.

                “What? What’s gonna- AHH!!” The podium Greg was leaning on transforms into a chair that grabs and traps Greg. A buzz saw, a few knives, a laser, a magnifying glass on mechanical arms protrude out from the back of the chair. Straps become animated and hold Greg down as the chair becomes flat and slanted.

                “Ladies and Gentlemen!  Let’s see what’s in his heart, shall we!?” The host flails his arms up and his voice changes. It becomes deeper and louder, almost deafening.

                “Gregory,” The host’s body grew in size and his skin turns a dark red. His suit begins to rip off. Horns grow from the top of his skull. Meanwhile, the buzzing of the saw is right in Greg’s left ear.

                “Get away from me you demon!” Greg screams.

                As the host walks up to him he is surrounded by fire. The saw slowly begins to cut into his chest. Gregory screams for a moment and realizes he feels nothing. The host reaches into the chest cavity and pulls out Greg’s heart.

                In a flash, once again, everything is back to normal. Greg is no longer tied down, no more knives, and there is no saw. The host is his normal self. Greg frantically feels his chest to see the open cavity is no more and breathes like he just ran five miles. The host takes what appears to be a toy plastic heart and shakes it.

                “Greg’s heart, tell me, what aches you so?” Just like a magic eight ball, the answer appears written on a piece of plastic floating inside.

                “Father.   It says father.  Hmm,” The host looks at Greg. “You must have some daddy issues. Is that why you always asked your wife to spank you?” The host laughs. He turns to the audience and says “Laugh, god damnit, that was funny!”

                The audience was silent.

                “I’ll light you on fire,” The host smirked.

The End

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