“Oh, right.  Thank you. Whatever your name is,” Greg pushes the button and rides to the sky. The elevator takes off like a rocket and soars through a ceiling of earth. Rock and dirt crumbles as he is launched through the Earth’s crust. He can see everything through the walls of the elevator which are made of a thick glass. A surreal experience it becomes as he flies through the sky into space. He looks down to see the terra. Mountains and rivers , valleys and cities, farms and highways, oceans and continents, and finally as he reaches the exosphere he can see the dark of night and the light of day touching the planet’s respective sides during their diurnal roles.

Greg rides the elevator to the edge of space, passing countless stars, seeing things he’s never dreamed of. He is highly infatuated with the sights and caught in awestruck. As he reaches the edge of space everything he passed on the way here looks infinitely small beyond his comprehension. In that moment he felt insignificant. He thought, why does it matter what he did on Earth? Why for such a small place does it even matter what he did throughout his time there? It made absolutely no sense.

“I’ve made it to heaven,” He thought. “These things about heaven and hell and atonement. I don’t get it. It seems like a load of crap! But, I’m here, this is all so beautiful.”

The elevator lands on white clouds next to the famous golden gates often talked about in tales of the great gospel. Greg steps out as elevator dings and the door opens. He walks up to the angel guarding the way.

“Gregory Jackson. Charmed, I’m sure,” Says the Angel.

“I’ve come from purgatory and they’ve said I’m ready. Show me my final, resting place, please,” Greg says.

“Sure thing, right this way.” The Angelic Gaurdian turns to open the gate and he stops. “Wait just one second.

The guard walks over to a desk that is to the right of the gates and opens a book and reads.

                “Uh-huh, I see. You made it through rather fast,” he says.

                “Yes, I’ve reached atonement. Now, please let me in,” Greg replies.

                “Now, now.  Don’t be so hastey. There are regulations in effect, you know? How do I know you didn’t sneak out and steal a ride here?  Very few people have ridden the fast track to the gates and from what I’ve read about your life just now I have a hard time believing your ready.”

                “What are you saying?” Greg asks.

                “Sir, where are your wings?”

                “My… Wings?”

                “You know, wings, Halo, the proper get up for this gig.”

The End

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