“Look around, Greg, you want to be like them?” The host says. Greg can see the faces of the fellow beings struggling. “They can’t accept that they’re dead, either! Spending all their time drowning! How foolish! If only they could accept their fate they’d stop reliving it! You want help?  Help yourself!  I’ve tried!”

“Alright! Alright!  Alright!!! I Get it! I don’t want to be like them!”

In a flash, Greg was back at the podium. The audience laughing. The host, in his glowing white suit, smiling proudly.

“Greg,” the host says. “Welcome to purgatory!” The audience cheers. More lights shine. The studio seemingly quadruples in size. Upbeat techno music begins to play. Several backdrops appear with stages that look like periodic times in Greg’s life appears. The audience claps to the music and they stand up. The techno goes dub-step, double bass, the audience begins to dance, as does the host.

“Gregory. We now see you want to save yourself. We’ve granted you the chance to do that. But, you must play our game!” The host says.

“I’ll do it!  I’ll do it! Just show me how!” Every word Greg says is automatically rehashed to become a part of the song.

“Okay, then!  Here are the rules!” The music plays loudly still as the host makes a rather large golden book appear in front of him and he begins to read it aloud. “The said being in purgatory who’s eternity is being decided must reach atonement. Meaning, he must forgive those who have wronged him, he must let go of his earthly ties, and most importantly, he must forgive himself!”

“I LET GO!  I FORGIVE EVERYONE AND I FORGIVE MYSELF!!!” Greg shouts. The music stops. The audience stops dancing.

There was a moment of silence once again. 

“Well, that’s never happened before.  We have a new record! Everyone!  Rejoice!” The host smiles big and angels begin to sing. Everything goes black expect for the light shining on Greg and a stairway appears.

“Ah, hell with the stairway, I’ll give you an elevator since you’re so fast!” The host says and the stairs vanish and an elevator  falls and stops on the ground at lightning speed. The music blares once again.

“Go on!  To heaven with you!  You’ve surely earned it! Godspeed!”

“Really? That’s it? Okay,” Greg walks to the elevator and gets in. “Uh, what floor is it?”

“Wow, and you made it to your fifties? Greg it’s the big gold button that says Heaven on it!” Says the host. 

The End

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