They have tv in hell?Mature

Gregory lived a full long life, but was it the life he really wanted?  After spending half his life bitter it comes to an end at the age of fifty-eight just years short of retirement. He finds himself in a dark room, the bright lights suddenly shine on him as suddenly he realizes he is standing in front of a podium. There is an audience full of people that died before him sitting quietly. As a man in an almost glowing white suit walks through a door onto the set, the cameras start rolling and the audience cheers. The host walks in front of the camera and smiles.

                “Ladies and Gentlemen!  Welcome to purgatory’s most watched game show! Say it with me!” Then he and the crowd both chant: “That was your life!”

                He laughs and smiles and looks to Gregory.  Greg returns with a deeply lost look.

                “What is your name.  Uh,  just kidding!” The host laughs. “We’ve been expecting you! How are you Gregory Jackson from Pittsburgh!?”

                “Is….” Greg looks around. “Is this a joke?” The crowd laughs at him subtly.

                “ I assure you there is nothing funny about your predicament.  In fact, it’s about is serious as a heart attack!” The host smiles and slaps his knee as he laughs.

                “Serious as a …” Greg puts his hand on his chest with a worried expression.  “Heart attack…. I had a heart attack and…”

                “Oh, he’s figuring it out folks!  The hamster wheels a spinnin’!” Says the host.  “Yes, Greg, you’re dead, my friend. Can we have a moment of silence, everyone? Bow your head, please.”

                There was a screen on the right side of the stage between Greg’s podium and the audience. It begins playing a video in real time of Greg’s Funeral.

                “Dearly beloved.  We are gathered here today to pay our last respects to a hard working family man who has left us Monday morning from a sudden heart attack. Family and friends, I would like to invite you all to find resolve today for after his last moments on this earth were indeed painless. We will all wonder what he’d say to us now after his spirit has gone. We all wonder if our family members will make it to heaven after they’ve left us for an eternity. I am a firm believer that there is room for any sinner in heaven as long as they’ve reached atonement. As long as they’ve accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. As long as a soul find’s their way through the thickness of their rights and wrongs. Let us all have a moment of silence and Pray for Mr. Gregory Jackson.”

                The Pastor, the audience, the host, and Gregory all stayed silent. Gregory, as he stares at the screen, shakes his head. 

“What kind of sick horseshit is this? Who drugged me? Who dragged me in here?  Am I hallucinating? What the hell in devil’s name-” Gregory was cut off.

The End

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