Sit Down

Deciding that no muse will lavish her gifts upon you when there’s an unhappy kid sobbing behind your back, Garry picked up an extra cup of coffee and carried it to Jessica’s table.

“Here” he said, not too eloquently. Jessica gave him a sullen look, then dropped her head down again. Garry stood for a moment at her table, uncertain.

“You comin’ or goin’, sugar? Make up you mind ‘cuz you’re in my way” – a bleach-blond waitress sing-songed as she passed him with a steaming coffee pot. Mumbling an apology, Garry dropped in a seat across Jessica’s.

“Um…maybe we started this on a wrong foot” offered Garry. He didn’t like being the cause of distress, at least not when he was there to witness it. Numerous broken hearts notwithstanding. He had a way with ladies, Garry did. But how do you deal with this?

“Maybe…maybe you can tell me a bit about yourself. If you are…well, if we are…uh..” - prosaic compositions were definitively not happening for Garry today -  “if we are related in any way, I’d like to know something about you” he managed to finish. For example, why you dress like a pop-tart? he thought strictly to himself.

Now at last she looked at him. Gave him a long, searching look, which to Garry appeared even a bit speculative. Oh, heavens – she didn’t come to live with me, did she?! occurred to him, all of the sudden. “Where are you staying?” he wanted more information now, imagining his own comfort threatened.

“Staying? Why, at my place, of course” she spoke cautiously. Curiously, she omitted “dude” this time. Garry wouldn’t think that possible.

“Your place? You live in town?” surprise in his voice was quite obvious.

“Yeah. Last year in the rez, but now three of us are renting. More privacy, that way” she said, reaching for the cup he offered.

“Rez? As in…residency?!” Garry struggled with the concept. She goes to school? AND they let her in? No wonder the world’s in trouble. 

She gave him a look you reserve for somebody slow. Really slow. “Yes. I’m a sophomore at the university here. Taking social studies.” Did her gum disappear too? No pops punctuated her speach.  “I knew about you since I was little, but mom insisted we leave you alone. Now that she’s gone…” blue eyes got all misty again and she turned away to dry them off “I thought I’d get in touch. Been busy with the co-op for a while and only now got around to it.  I always thought you should know. About me.”

University? Social studies?! A job! What is this girl, anyway? “You…you sound like a quite reasonable young person” Garry found his voice again. “Why then…why do you dress that way?” he couldn’t help his curiosity. That was Garry, after all.


She beamed a smile at him, her face beautiful “I pluck out more jerks that way”.


That stung.

The End

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