That Was Close

In chapters 16-21 things get really bad. Mrs. Nesbitt dies in her sleep. It was sad that Mrs. Nesbitt past away, but it was good that she died peacefully and that Miranda's family was able to get supplies from her house. Then Winter comes, and Miranda's town starts to get hit with blizzards and the flu. Many people including Peter died. Despite this, Miranda's family managed to survive even though they got sick too. Towards the end of the book, things started to look up for the world. At the end

“[Today] isn’t a day to worry about the future. What ever will happen will happen.” Pg. 235


The character’s in “Life as we Knew it” change psychologically due to the terrible events that happen in the novel. One example of this is the characters’ appreciation of food and life in general. In the novel, food shortages cause Miranda and her family to eat a very low amount of food each day, and not very good food either. At one point they were excited to have dried fruit for dessert! They were  grateful to even have dessert at all! If someone offered us dried fruit for dessert we would probably just look at that person like he was crazy. The catastrophes in the novel caused Miranda, her family, and probably almost everyone on earth to realize that they should appreciate each and every day of life. You never know when the world might end, so it’s good to be grateful for what you have and to live each day as if it was your last day.


The End

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