After a Few Detours...

My extreme sexiness was like a becon of light, showing us the way to City Centre, or perhaps that was just Ernie, drifting absent-mindedly through me.

Which made me start to wonder if ghosts even had brains, they didn't have bodies. But what did it matter, I just needed to know where this extremely boring, smelly, and decidedly unsexy man had died so I could be reunited with my very sexy, hairy wolfwoman.

After a few detours, we arrived at City Centre. There was no train in sight.

"How could you have been killed by a train? There is no train!" I yelled. Which probably looked very strange as I was yelling at a ghost, Ernie the ghost, which mere mortals who are nowhere near as amazingly sexy as I, the beautiful The, can see.

Ernie looked lost in thought, which brought me back to the point of wondering if he could think and all this thinking about thinking made my perfect head with its perfectly tossled bed head hair that had taken decades to be so perfect, hurt.

"Well maybe it was more that way," Ernie replied pointing. He was pointing at a large brick wall.

"How am I to be runited with my Diss if you can't even remember where you died? She and Michaelps are probably busy making furry little fish babies by now!" I smiled to myself at the thought of my future wife's furry little rump. But that was beside the point.

Ernie drifted away to a deserted and dark little section of tracks and smiled proudly, or as proudly as a smelly beggar ghost can. "I died here, at least I think so."

"Well are you sure!" I was hungry and irratable and was beginning to feel a bit annoyed which would never do. I have never known an annoyed person who looks anywhere near as sexy as me, The, and was sure my sexyness was beginning to blind onlookers.

"Diss! My lovely wild, wolfwoman! Where are you?" I was begginning to hope I would be able to whop Ernie on the head. He was such a sad, pathetic little ghost.

The End

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