Ernie's earnest discussion with The

"I think I might have been hit by a car."

"Are you serious? There are a lot of cars in this city, and a heck of a lot more roads!"

"Maybe it was a bus, then. It was big."

Without having to take out any reference material, I replied, bored, "There are over 100 bus lines that run through this city. I will be very, very mad if I have to ride them all just to find the miserable spot where you died. Care to reconsider your answer?"

"Um, a bird, a plane, Superman! Superman? Actually, to be run over by him wouldn't be such a bad way to die. In the service of good, and all."

For some reason, simply standing next to Ernie was making me feel a lot smarter than usual. I guess there is something to be said about hanging around with idiots. Not that I needed to be any more intelligent, of course. I was The!

"Maybe - maybe - I was hit by a train. Yeah! That sounds better!"

"Does it sound better, or does it sound right?"

"The last one!" Ernie yelped as I took another swipe through him. Thankfully, he didn't seem to know that he didn't have to be intimidated if I couldn't even lay a hand on him.

"Well, let's go then!" I growled, while pretending to cuff him again. "There's only one train track set down in this city, and it's right at the city centre. Off to City Centre!"

At my yell, Ernie made an about-turn and started to head North. I grabbed him - figuratively - by the scruff of the neck. "Where are you going? City Centre is South!"

"No it isn't." Ernie peered at me with confused, sincere eyes. "It's North."

"Oh. Right. I was testing you, and- good for you, you passed! Off to City Centre!" We started off again, and this time we headed North.

The End

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