The Life History of Ernie

Ernie is a reluctant ghost. He doesn't want to be a ghost, or even dead, for that matter. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Falling flat on his face on the railroad tracks with a train coming on, is just about as wrong as wrong can be.

I stood looking at my wonderful shiny nails as the pitiful creature told his sorry tale of woe. I wasn't sympathetic, the sexiest vampires aren't, you know. I just regret that he had no blood in him. I was getting hungry.

I was getting bored. I bore easily. I have even been accused of being boring myself, but I never believed it. The people that accused me of being boring aren't alive to do it again, anyway. What was I saying...hmm..what was I doing? Oh yeah, I was getting bored, and I was just about to wander off  when I heard some thing about , "That  hairy female Werewolf!"

"What? What hairy female werewolf?"

 I looked up from my fascinating nails and tried to grab Ernie by the throat.  My hand went right through, and that just p***ed me off!

"The female werewolf that was chasing me when I fell flat on my face on the railroad tracks."

"And where was this?" I said slyly, cocking one well shaped ebony eyebrow.

"Well I suppose it was in the place where I died," Said Ernie. "My memory keeps fading in and out."

"Well make it fade back in again!" I roared. Intimidation often worked well for me.

The End

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