My Reluctant Guide

Unexpectedly, the vagrant took off on a run. I say unexpectedly, because I am so awesomely frightening, that most of my victims are rooted to the spot in fear.  I flew after him to cut him off, but I just couldn't catch up. Why is that, I wonder? I decided that he was just taking me to Dissonance. I followed at a distance, I didn't want to crowd him. I might frighten him off his course, and I must get back to Diss.

The beggar stopped suddenly and I ran through him. This came as something of a surprise. My victims usually aren't see through, although this one didn't seem to have a lot of substance to him. I watched in fascination as the mostly invisible one became mostly visible again. 

"You aren't a werewolf, are you? " I said, not to mention an obvious fact. "You idiot! You've completly thrown off my metabolism. I thought vampires were supposed to have the reflexes of a cat. Obviously, your cat must be half dead!" I stared at him, speechless. I needed time to figure out if I had been insulted or not.

"If you're not a werewolf, what are you? I asked.

The End

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