Meet The Folks

Michaelps dragged me by the throat kicking, if not actually screaming to his drowned wonder world. When we arrived at the city, Michaelps let go of me.

I rubbed my long lovely neck. It didn't actually hurt, but it seemed liked the thing to do when you've been dragged by the throat twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

I looked around me. It really was quite pretty. Not as pretty as me, that goes without saying, but pretty enough. "Soooo, what now?"  I said,more bored than curious.

"I'm taking you to see Poseidon, the god of the sea, and leader of the Teh Smex concerning all things water." I didn't particularly care for Poseidon, he is entirely too god like for my liking.

I have to say though, that Poseidon's palace certainly is palatial. It sort of looks like a cross between a Disney Land castle, and the onion domed architecture of Russia.

Michaelps led me straight to Poseidon's throne room.  Poseidon was combing his long flowing beard with his trident. "The Combination Of All My Ancestors' Names Because The Author Is Too Lazy To Come Up With Original Names!" he roared.

I hate it when people call me by my full name. It makes me feel like I've done something wrong, and guilt is not my strong suit.

I hiss at him, using my long gleaming fangs to their best advantage. He can't fail to be impressed when I flashed my fangs.

He fails to be impressed.

"you have deliberately invaded the borders of another Teh Smex member!" He roars. He roars a great deal, I wonder if he's deaf.

"I was only going to stay a little while," I sulk. I am so sexy when I pout.

"You disgust me!" He yells. "Get out of my sight, and leave the werewolves alone, or I'll turn you into a human!"  That's a real theat. He's a god. He can do that.

"Fine! I'll leave them alone. Just get me out of this drenched realm!"  Poseidon waved his trident, and I was back in my own coffin.

The End

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