Michaelps' Realm

Michaelps had dragged me down to his own realm!  I'm not at my best when I look like a drowned rat, although I make a very handsome drowned rat.

I am the undead. My lungs have not required oxygen for centuries, but I am not a fish. I am a little shaken by the fact that there are miles of water between me and air.

I could not remedy that situation, because Michaelps still had me in a choke hold. "Let go of me you overgrown codfish!" I yelled at him in my mind.

I knew that  Michaelps was telepathic. That is how his Merpeople communicated.  "All in good time, stake bait."  He answered into my mind. I did not care for his reference to the only thing that could kill me, a wooden stake through the heart.

We went straight through a school of man eating sharks. Even though  neither one of us strictly qualified for the term "man,"  I was still a little bit uneasy.

Besides the aforementioned stake, most things can't kill me, but I have no idea how my vampire body would react to being chewed in half.

We came to a place on the ocean floor that was wondrous to behold. It was a city of light, surrounded by the depths of darkness.

It looked like a combination of a drowned mega city, and those tacky ceramic habitats that people put in big fish tanks. It even had several shipwrecks which by the looks of it, served as playgrounds for the Merkids.

He stopped suddenly just before we reached the city. "Is the light going to melt you or something?" He thought in my direction. This annoyed me.

"This exquisitely formed male physique is not a slab of wax! I do not melt!! "  I thought / screamed at him. "It's only direct sunlight that gives me unsightly blisters, but we're a good ways from the nearest sunlight, I expect." Laughing his scaly head off, he dragged me towards the city.

The End

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