Dissonance Rules!

Diss stood over Michaelps and I, scowling mightily. "What do you think I am? A bone for you two dogs to fight over?  Well I 'm not! I belong to nobody. Only me!"

Diss is very sexy when she's mad. I thought I would win brownie points if I told her that.

"You're very sexy when you're mad," I said. I didn't win brownie points. She whacked me upside the head with her dead tree branch.

"You messed my sexily wavy hair." I said, annoyed. I have to look good all the time. No matter what.

By this time, Michealps had gotten to his feet.. er..tail fin. He stood over me, shaking his head, grinning.

"Nobody disses Diss," He said, laughing. I nodded my agreement.

"What are you doing in my forest, hassling my friends, The?"

"I was in a ship because I wanted to cross the Atlantic, then I was hit with Holy Water, then I passed out, then I woke up on dry land, then your werewolf attacked me for stealing his girlfriend , then I turned my sexiness on him, and then he mentioned the Anti Smex, and then I was curious, and then I made him bring me to you, who is in this forest, and that is why I am in this forest." I said this all in one breath.

I am irresistible when I'm being a smart ass..

" I hate smart asses."  she said. "Why don't go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under. I don't want you here. You're making my friends nervous."

"I like it here. I think I'll stay," I smirked.

Suddenly,Michaelps had me in a choke hold. "I'd rethink that last remark if I were you," he said. I don't know how he did it, but I heard the loud THWACK of his tail on the ground, and then we were underwater.


The End

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