Across The Atlantic

It was no easy feat to book passage on a boat, for two reasons: first, the season was July, and every mom and dad with a family of whining no-good kids had saved religiously towards a plan to vacation overseas, for at least the past year. Secondly, being a vampire, I had to record my intentions with a vampiric travel agent, and let me tell you that the lady I got set up with just wasn't very sympathetic. She was old-fashioned - a traditionalist - and she kept repeating to me, "You're not allowed to cross running water."

"Do I look like I care?" I asked archly. "For someone as special as me, certain people should make special exceptions." I italicized the words in case she, or you the reader, couldn't understand. (That's right, I know that someone is reading right now, at this very moment, because who wouldn't want to feast their eyes on my words? I bet you're devouring the page even as I speak. You could even lick it, if you want; I'm a vampire that drinks blood, so who am I to criticize your dietary fetishes ;D)

Enough of addressing my secret fans. As I was saying, it was no easy feat to book passage on a boat. But. Of course my exceptional charm and outstanding good looks pulled through in the end. I simply pinned the unfortunate female with my eyes, until she was so incapacitated that she was forced to give in. It helped that I pinned her against the wall with one unbelievably strong hand, as well, so that her feet couldn't touch the floor. "Oh, I've never met a vampire like you before," she sighed as she punched my order into the computer. It might have been my imagination, but she didn't sound as awed as I'd hoped she would be. "Here's your ticket."

My thank you was curt. After all, I had no further use for her now. The Atlantic Sea, here I come! And who knows where else, next?

The End

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