That Summer: ThirtyMature


When I left Riley's townhouse, I knew I couldnt go home. Not now, not yet. I didnt want to face Michael until I'd managed to compose myself.

I hadnt meant to hurt my brother. Perhaps my harsh words and general disregard towards him suggested otherwise. But I did love hm. God, did I love him.

Before the car crash that had shoved us into the city lights, Michael and I had been inseparable. Sometimes I wanted to blame my parents for tearing us apart. But really, we did that to ourselves.

Sooner or later, I found myself standing before the cafe called Enlighten. It was a resolute sort of place, dim lighting and dark walls make to protect secrets. Made to hide the truth behind all the lies that New York donned.

I'd never really had any secrets; my life was not s inclined to fill with drama or scandal. My great sob story was hardly my own. My great mystery had yet to appear, let alone be solved. I let the image of Trevor sneak into my mind, his steely gray eyes and theaura of darkness that hung about him. Thought that perhaps my pages were just beginning to fill.

Inside the coffee shop, I scanned the menu without really taking it in. Decided to order an iced cappucino, because the air was suddenly suffocating and the sun was oh so bright. It was something Harper would have ordered.

Summer had never seemed to captivate me so. Already the pain of her death was fading, replaced with the blossoming memory of her laugh, her smile. The way she'd roll her eyes or push back her platinum hair from her face. The way she didnt care about anything at all. Or maybe she had, and all that she'd kept inside had dragged her by the those aqua streaks to her demise.

When my drink was done, I turned from the counter, fully intent on leaving. But then I saw him sitting in the corner, sulking, the angel and demon and dream and nightmare.

"Trevor." I was grinning wildly, heart fluttering. When he looked up, a smile of his own came across his lips. I didnt need to ask to slide into the seat across from him.

"I wasnt sure you'd want to see me again," he murmured. The honesty was overwhelming.

I moved my hand across the table to trail my fingers up and down his forearm. "Of course I do," I spoke softly. "This feeling is crazy."

We both laughed a little at that. The world seemed to have slipped into slow motion, a magical daze only we could feel. The memory of his kiss lingered upon my lips. Trevor took my hand in his own, and for once everything was right. Maybe my parents were dead and my best friend had killed herself and my brother was a drug addict. But those were the cards I'd been dealt, and somehow I needed to make it work. With Trevor's eyes upon me it didnt seem so bad.

"Willow, I must confess how drawn to you I am," he said in a low voice. Words that chilled me, words meant for no one else. "Your fragile innocence, the way you move the way your pale eyes seem to cut straight through me..."

I was blushing now; there was no denying it. "I know," I whispered. No words would have felt right.

But Trevor was shaking his head. "No, you dont. Not really." His voice had no harshness in it. "I've spent a really long time torturing myself, convinced I'd never know any sort of love. But you... I feel so free with you."

I could only hope that the smile I offered showed that I felt it too. He didnt need to search for the words, because the same were dancing upon the tip of my tongue, Liberating and captivating all at once.

"No more talk," Trevor said suddenly. I tilted my head, furrowed my brow. He was grinning, emotions flipped in the blink of an eye. "The day is young. I'm taking you out for dinner."

The End

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