That Summer: Twenty-TwoMature


I was staring into the deep green eyes of my best friend like I'd never seen him before in my life. Trinity was beside him, her angel face masking the devil soul. In that moment I realized they really did belong together. They could rot in their miseries.

"You dont even know her," Crimson spat. Even the vague mention brought Willow to mind. Delicate, soft Willow. I'd never felt so at peace as I did when her hand was in mine. No amounts of drugs could take me as high as her laugh. Maybe Crimson was right. Maybe I didnt know a damn thing about the girl. But I knew how I felt when I stood beside her, and that was something I could not ignore.

A whimper rose from somewhere within the ghost of a girl who stood beside him. The girl I'd pined after for so long, desired to feel her sensuous touch, her lips pressed to my skin. Standing there now she only disgusted me. For everything she was and everything she was not. For every lie she held so close. "Do you think you know her?"

That was the end of it for Crimson. He gave me one last deathly look before he pulled his girl through the crowds and out the door. Everything was spinning. I'd only had a couple hits off the joint, but my buzz was still going strong. All I really wanted was to get all these people out of my house. They werent my friends.

But I wasnt in the mood to make a scene. I would let them wither away to their heart's content. My room had a lock. I headed down the hall, hoping in vain the door might block out some of the noise.

After kicking out a half-undressed couple, I gave my door a nice little slam and slid the lock into place. My room was nothing to see, completely impersonal. White walls made to guard my tattered soul.

From where I stood at my window, the city looked lifeless. They called it the city that never slept, yet it appeared more like a corpse. I guess it couldnt sleep if it was trapped in a coffin.

I was trying to imagine a ghost town New York when my phone went off. I almost expected it to be Crimson with some bullshit apology. Maybe Trinity might have forced him into it.

I did not expect it to be Riley.

"Hey," I said unsurely, flipping it open. I'd long since forgotten our minor fight back in June. Although I hadnt stopped to visit him once since then. A pang of guilt ran through me. "What's up?"

"Trevor." One word. I could hear the way his voice was shaking. Trembling with sobs. Riley wasnt the sort to break down, least of all to me.

"Kiddo, what's wrong?" I asked desperately. A siren sounded somewhere in the distance. Riley let out another mangled gasp. "Riley, talk."

"It's...It's Harper," he managed, though I could just barely understand him. Harper. The girl he fucked whenever he got sad.

"What about her?" My voice was bordering hysteria. My brother sounded as though he was throwing things about the room, or maybe just slamming himself into the wall.

"She...she's dead!" Riley's voice rose to a high pitched shriek. "She's dead, Trevor, and it's all my fault."

The End

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