That Summer: Twenty-OneMature


I couldnt help but think that if Trevor's following got any bigger he was going to need a new apartment. I kept my hand tight around Trinity's as we made our way through the masses. Dozens of bodies pressed together, drunk and high and letting their lives slip away. That was the beauty of living. Eventually we were all going to die anyway, so we didnt have to feel so bad about helping the process along a bit.

"Crimson!" I recognized Trevor's voice instantly, whirling around to seek him out in the throngs. When he appeared, it was with a joint in hand. He offered it over silently, so both Trinity and I took a hit. The weed was strong enough to kick in right away, sending the room spinning.

I gave Trevor a sloppy smile. "What's up, dude?"

My supposed best friend shrugged. He was looking anywhere but at me; there was something nervous in his expression. When Trinity offered him back the joint, he shook his head. "Keep it."

I couldnt help but frown. This was Trevor, for God's sake, who could smoke and drink anyone under the table. Who lived to be wild. Who was looking at me like a complete stranger.

"What's your deal?" I asked him. Maybe I sounded like a prick. I just couldnt bring myself to care.

Trevor was shaking his head. "This is my last party," he told me. He was so finite, so sincere in his words. "I'm done, Crimson. I'm getting clean."

I heard his words but they most certainly didnt register; glancing at Trinity I could tell she was as stunned as me. "You cant be serious," was all I could think to say.

Trevor narrowed his lifeless eyes. "Why not?" He demanded. "Maybe I actually want to do something with my life."

"Is this about that girl?" I asked harshly. Of course, it would make sense. I thought of all the things I would have given up for Trinity. But that was different.

When Trevor neglected to respond, it said more than any words could have. "Come on, Trev. Fuck her and leave her. What do you need a girl for?"

His voice was poison. "Why do you?"

I was quick to reach out and take Trinity's hand. That was just the protective part of me. The fiery part was ready to tear Trevor's jugular out, and I was silently hoping Trinity's touch might calm me.

"I dont need your permission, you know," Trevor added. He was trembling where he stood, flames aglow in his steely eyes.

"You dont even know her," I pointed out.

Trevor's gaze fell heavy upon Trinity, who's hand tightened around my own. "Do you think you know her?" He asked coldly.

I was so done with his shit. If Trevor wanted to throw away his friends and the only life he had, that was his problem. When he couldnt pay rent because dealing was his only job, that'd be his problem too. Nothing good ever came from being there for someone.

The End

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