That Summer: EighteenMature


Things were getting all tangled up. My feelings for Harper, my true feelings, were seeping out. Once so easily repressed, they were now spilled all across the floor for her to see.

Trevor stood awkwardly in the doorway, glancing back and forth from me to Harper. I longed to take a protective step toward her, to shield her from my brother's radiating darkness. For all that stood before him turned to shadow, and Harper was already so close to the maddening abyss.

"Hey," Trevor said at last, breaking through the silence. I greeted him with a nod. Harper was motionless. "I just stopped by to steal a tie from Dad. I've got a date tonight."

I nodded like I gave a shit when all I wanted was for him to leave so I could close the agonizing distance between Harper and I. She was pulling away. away, never mind that she hadnt shifted an inch since Trevor had appeared so unexpectedly.

"Lucky girl," I replied eventually, voice dripping with sarcasm. "How much does she know about you?"

Trevor scowled at me, pushed past towards the stairs. "She doesnt need to know, Riley."

I couldnt stop now. All the tension was filling me up, creeping into me and making me wild. "That's great," I scoffed, whirling around where I stood. "Start the relationship on lies."

Trevor froze in place, fists clenched at his sides. Even in the dark I could see the white knuckles standing out. "Dont talk about shit you know nothing about," he said lowly. When he turned towards us. it was Harper his heavy gaze fell upon. "At least I wont treat her like my personal slut."

I could hear the gasp, the sharp intake of breath through Harper's lips. I glanced at her quickly, torn between desire to comfort her and the need to beat my brother's face to a bloody pulp. In the end I stayed where I was, like a coward, but I thought my voice was filled with enough venom to kill on impact.

"You'd better get the fuck out, or I'll tell Dad you were here."

"With pleasure," Trevor sneered, pushing me out of the doorway with a hard shove and disappearing into the night, tie completely forgotten.

We stayed motionless for a long while, Harper and I. The strain was still there between us; that was going to take some time to erase. Because I wanted her like I'd always wanted her, but there was a new side to it too. Just fucking her and holding her wasnt enough anymore. I wanted it to mean something.


The End

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