That Summer: FourteenMature



Crimson's hand in mine felt like a shackle, dragging me away to meet my fate. I squeezed it tighter in a search for some of the usual comfort her provided. Found none.

The day had grown even more beautiful since the last time I'd been out. Already it was nearing noon; the sun spilled upon the city streets like a golden waterfall, filling them with an ethereal glow they barely deserved.

"Something's bothering you." It wasnt a question. Crimson knew me better than that. "Sweetie, I can call Trevor  if you'd rather we be alone." He couldnt have offered that back at the penthouse? Anyway, we were almost to the diner where Trevor would be waiting. And I would be forced to sit across from him and look into the smug bastard's eyes. Remember how it felt when his skin brushed against my own, where his fingers dared to trace my most delicate places. Hear the moans of ecstasy and pleasure.


I shook my head roughly. "Of course not," I said gently. "We cant completely withdraw from society."

Crimson nodded like he understood, but he just had no idea. I doubted he would be so understanding if he did. We pressed on in silence until at last we stood before the entrance of the diner. I didnt bother to check the name; they were all the same. Low key places where things could easily be kept secret. We were all keeping secrets.

Crimson opened the door for me, stepping aside so that I might enter the dim lit room. He followed closely behind, placing a hand protectively on the small of my back. Absently we scanned the room for the familiar face, for the lifeless gray eyes.

"Stop looking so nervous."

The hot breath was close enough to tickle my neck, to send shivers down my spine. I whirled around, out of Crimson's light grasp, until I found myself face to face with Trevor Wilson.

There was no denying he looked good, with his devil grin and his dark brown hair, with those fucking eyes that were tearing me apart. I felt myself stepping closer to Crimson, reaching for his fingers to wrap around my own. Begging for security, for safety from the monster that now stood before us.

Crimson greeted his best friend with a grin. "We're straight, dude," he replied to the earlier comment. The one directed at me. "Arent you?"

Trevor shrugged. "Straight enough. Come on; let's get some food."

We shuffled into the corner booth, the one where the shadows were most likely to fall. I kept my head down, kept my icy gaze on my hands. Here I had to dim my shine so as not to draw attention. Trevor did not look so kindly upon that. And people like me tended to demand it in excess.All the more reason we belonged far, far away from each other.

Mostly they made small talk, the party scene and the new kinds of highs. What could keep you away and what could take you so far out of the atmosphere, returning seemed irrelevant. I stayed quiet. It seemed like only yesterday we'd partied at Trevor's apartment, only this morning I had tumbled int Crimson's bed. But no, it had been a week. Summer had fallen into such routine.

I took a lengthy sip of my lemonade, glanced up to where Trevor sat. I felt Crimson's presence beside me. Maybe that routine wasnt so bad. Maybe the repetition would keep me safe.

The End

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