That Summer: NineMature


Trinity soon fell asleep, her head nuzzled against my chest and her thick black hair spilling down my stomach. For a time I laid awake and held her, and I felt complete.

After my parents' death, there had been few things in the world to satisfy me. Drinking, drugs, they were all the same. Once weed stopped being enough, I found Trevor and he took me to the winter wonderland, the beauty that was cocaine. But even that wasnt helping. I could feel the world slipping away; Willow would barely look at me.

It might have been any night at any of Trevor's parties. I'd already done two lines and I knew I would find enough for at least ten more. Trevor wasnt smart enough to hide it somewhere creative.

I stumbled into his room, but didnt reach for the light. My head was pounding and anyway, the shades were up. New York was bright enough to light the room itself. Still, the shadows accounted for why I didnt see her, laying in the bed looking particularly devourable. "What are you looking for?" She asked in a voice like the sound of the sunrise, if there was a music in that.

I ignored her question. "I dont think Trevor wants you in here."

The girl forced herself to sit up. I couldnt stop my gaze from straying over the short dress she wore, one strap tumbling down her shoulder. I swallowed hard. "But if I shut the door he probably wont even notice."

"Fuck him," she said, but there was no conviction in her words. "I'm sleepy." I knew what she really was, and that was drunk. The girl was staring at me with wide, innocent eyes, and God did she look broken. Much too young for a place like this. Something in me was dying to protect her from the enemies, the stoners and the snorters who would gladly take advantage of a young girl.

"I could sit with you," I offered hesitantly. She nodded violently, black curls dancing around her face. Making my way to the bed, I forgot all about the oarty, the drugs, everything but the pale beauty who was now crawling into my lap.

"My name's Trinity," she mumbled. "Are you my Prince Charming?" There was something so childlike about her. I didnt respond, only brushed back her hair and prayed that she'd still be there when my daze wore off.


Trinity shifted, bring me out of my tangent. Back to here. Not so very much had changed. Except it was her I was addicted to, her smooth skin and blue eyes and the way I felt so much more alive when her hands were tracing circles upon my chest.

I'd always thought life was hard. And it was. Sometimes it just wasnt quite as bad.

"Are you still up, baby?" Trinity whispered. I might have felt the wisps of her breath more than actually heard her.


She sat up then; it was light enough, even with the shades drawn, for me to see each outline of her slender frame, the contours of her ribs or the curves of her breasts. "Let me go make you some food then," she said, rising to her feet, Standing there, I knew she was the epitome of perfection; she was everything to me.

"If you want," I said without much emotion, and so she bent down to pick up her clothes, smiling at me as she came back up. "You're the best, you know," I added.

This time, she looked me right in the eye. Something in her gaze seemed off, but still she was grinning like the fucking chesire cat, like she knew every secret in the world. "I know," she said simply.

I shook my head, light laughter escaping my lips. Girls.  

The End

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