That Summer: EightMature


One ring of the doorbell was all it took. I stood outside the door in the overly decorated hall, shifting my weight from one black stiletto to the other. The early summer breeze was just strong enough to push my hair from one side of my face to the other.

I might have been standing there for less than thirty seconds when I heard the locks turning, accompanied by a sudden bang and a shouted curse. Then the door swung inward, and I found myself staring into the brilliant green eyes of Crimson. His dyed black hair was dripping; he was wearing a devious smirk and a pair of black jeans. I let my eyes trail over his bare ches, broad shoulders, and back up to his angel face.

"Trinity." His tone was warm, but still streaked with some surprise. "Come in." He stepped aside to allow me to cross the threshold into his grandparents' breathtaking penthouse. Everytime I visited, I was taken by the dark woods and marble counters. But not the way I was captivated by Crimson.

I felt his warm hand on my arm, caressing me in that delicate way of his. To the rest of the world he was so rough, so hardenend by pain and torment. Nobody saw the side of him that would hold me close and kiss me till the city was bathed in starlight.

"You just caught me getting out of the shower" Crimson said offhandedly, entwining his fingers in my own and pulling me to the staircase. The walls that surrounded were lined with pictues of smiling faces, of a happier time. That was before Crimson's parents had died, before he had come to the city. Sometimes I wondered if he wanted to go back to before I had entered his life. Usually I just avoided thinking altogether.

"You should have waited for me," I teased, only not really. Crimson laughed a little. I gave his hand a tight squeeze just as we reached the top. We passed the bathroom and his sister's room Willow was everything Crimson was not, all quiet and fragile where he was always the center of attention. I usually avoided her, which wasnt hard since we ran in completely different circles.

Then we came to his room; Crimson pushed open the door to let us in, but was quick to close it again. The walls were white but plastered in posters and pictures of misery. Furniture was limited to a desk and bed. The black haired boy had better things to indulge in.

When he released my hand I went to sit on the bed, a king sized cloud o a thing all done up in dark red and black blankets, finished with a mountain of pillows that would only end up on the floor.

"What time did you leave the party?" Crimson asked me. I glanced up to the bathroom door, where he was doing whatever he was doing. Hopefully not putting on a shirt.

"Maybe two," I replied. "I was so tired."

"I stayed, I guess." He emerged then, stopping at the end of the bed. With wide eyes I looked him up at him, silently pleading. Crimson let out a staggered breath. "Wish you would have been there when I woke up." It was when he said things like that I forgot what an insensitive jerk he could be. It was when I doubted my ability to love him like I should.

"I'm here now," I told him with a small smile. Crimson nodded as if to say, you are, and before I knew it he'd pushed me down into the bed and was upon me.

There was an art in the way our bodies moved, like a well rehearsed scene from a movie. Where Crimson shifted, I was right along with him. His hands were stretched out to me, grasping as I breathed in all that he was, because somehow it was enough. When at last there was nothing between us, and my bare skin brushed against his, I pulled away from his angelic kisses to meet his gaze.

"I love you, Trinity," he murmured. His breath tickled my face and neck. "I dont know much, but I do know that."

Someone once said that every single person was completely alone in the world. Laying beneath Crimson then, which the most succulent words tumbling from my lips, I couldnt help but doubt. No, I was not so alone, not with his heart and mine beating in time. Not with all the fires burning around us.

The End

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