That Something Extra

She stood her hand hovering over the phone, waiting..... three, two, one.  The strident ringing broke the silence.  She lifted the receiver answering the call, although she already knew who was on the other end of the line she let the person identify themselves. 

How many times had she waited by the phone knowing that it was going to ring, just waiting for the ringing to start..... or begun to moved toward the front door to open it to, what to others would have been an, unexpected caller.  All her life.  Was this a gift or a curse?  It depended on your point of view.  There was no real peace for her, for even in sleep dreams bore messages, sometimes only of interest to her but on other occassions involving others known or unknown.  The reason for the dream or dreams only becoming apparent sometimes months in the future.

This call she had known was coming moments before the ringing started, the words an angry denounciation of a message she had been compelled to convey to the one person she loved above all others.  Although her motives had been pure in passing on the information she had, as usual, received in her dreams, her reason for doing so was called into question.  She was being accused of trying to manipulate her lover by delivering a message from the other realm, from the one relative that had been an anchor a guiding hand to that one precious person for whom she would died to protect from the harsh realities of life.

When would she learn that her gift was something others did not understand or accept.  That being different was something to be hidden not acknowledged or shouted from the roof tops.  Now she had lost the one true love of her life, her soulmate.  A gift becomes a curse because no one understands, no one want's to belive that it is possible to communicate with those who have left this earthly realm and moved on to the spirit world beyond.  Every available method of communication between them was shut down in days, she was left alone, feeling the anger and hurt from her lover wash over her in waves.  Was there a point in continuing this life..... She really didn't know.

The End

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