A Secret or Two

My hands shook as I tried to clench them into fists. She was here. I knew I couldn't have avoided her for too long, but I guess I just had expected her to be a little more patient.

I swallowed and remembered that Reed was still in my room. I blinked several times to clear my head, and then took two longs strides, grabbed the doorknob without much thought, and yanked the door open. What I saw was Dani, her caramel brown hair choppy yet somehow still pretty, a green Abercrombie shirt and a pair of skinny jeans on, along with black Converse high-tops.

How could this girl be a 300-year-old witch? She's wearing skinny jeans.

"Hey!" I said enthusiastically when I saw Dani's face. It was all fake though. But, nonetheless, she looked surprised that I didn't cringe from her I-wish-that-looks-could-kill-face.

"Hi," she said coldly when she recovered from the stun of my fake enthusiasm.

"What's up?" I asked, putting my hand in my pocket.

"Why are you avoiding me?" she shot in my face.

I was ready for this. Sort of. Well, okay. Not really. "Avoiding? Like how?"

"You won't answer my calls," she said, counting the ways off on her fingers, "or my texts. You won't hang out with me after school. You changed classes that you had with me."

"That was schedule changes! Not my fault."

"It's the middle of the third quarter. There aren't any schedule changes for five or six weeks."

"I..." I turned around and saw Reed sitting on my bed. He glanced up when I turned, and my heart fluttered around in my chest. I smiled a little bit and turned back around.

"Can we talk about this somewhere else?" I asked her. And then I realized I had never told her about how I liked Reed. She looked at my expression and her face cleared in that way that you can tell someone is figuring something out. Like with Dani figuring out that I like Reed.

"Oh my gosh, you totally li--"

I pushed her out of the doorway as quickly as I could and shut the door behind me.

The End

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