A Twist

I was sitting on my bed at home in my small room, my iPod--on shuffle--playing "We Are Young" by Fun. I was totally at peace. That was, until I was disturbed.

I heard three knocks on my door.

I cursed under my breath. Can you guess who it was?

Wrong. It was Reed Matthews.

He smiled crookedly at me as his bright blue eyes seemed to make me freeze in place.

Yes, Reed. We had been paired up for an English project after I had my schedule changed because Dani was really starting to scare the crap out of me. It was Wednesday, and that was the day both me and Reed were free from clubs, sports and things at home or with friends, besides Sunday, which we were also working together to get the stupid essay for Les Miserables done.

My iPod flipped to "Crazy" by The Northern Way.

"Hey," I said, trying not to sound too overwhelmed by the random partnering our teacher gave us. "Come in."

Random! I thought, As if. This is some kind of karma for reading Dani's diary. Some divine intervention.

"Ready to work?" he asked.

"Sure." I reluctantly closed the door behind him, but my younger sister had two of her friends over, and corny Disney music was blasting from the stereo downstairs.

"What's the project, again?" I asked, just to get the conversation going.

"Uh..." He pulled a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and said, "It says: Collaborate and write an essay about one these three topics. One: Write about the factors that all lead to Fantine's decline. Two: What ultimately drove Javert to suicide? Explain. Three: Describe Eponine's relationship with Marius. What do you think happened to him when Eponine died?"

"Fun. We get to write about either the lowest point of Fantine's life when she was a prostitute, what drove the Inspector to suicide, which, I think, was because he thought he was always right and then ended up being wrong all along, or we get to describe the dead girl's disappointing life. In which she died loving someone who would never love her back."

Reed looked up from his paper and looked at me. He was smiling slightly and his ice-blue eyes seemed to melt just a bit. "So which depressing topic do you want to do?"

I thought for a second. "Javert. What about you?"

"Well," he started, "they're all very depressing. I don't want to write about Fantine's episodes, and I don't want to write about how Eponine never got anything from Marius. So suicidal Javert is... almost as depressing as the rest."

I took the paper from his hands gently and looked at it carefully. "Do you think there might be something wrong with Mrs. Webber?" I asked him.

He laughed. "Yeah. Definitely. I mean, there were some happy moments in the book. But she just went and choose most of the significant sad moments in the whole freaking book and is forcing us to write about it."

"Somebody to Love" by Queen started playing on my iPod.

 "We should just come up with a rough draft of the first few paragraphs for now. It's not due for a while."

"Yeah," he agreed. "Do you have any paper I can--"

Reed was cut off by a bang on my door.

You know who it was?


The End

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