A Witch She Is

I read and reread the entry at least four times. Then I heard the horrible sound of footsteps, and I closed the book and quickly tossed it back onto the desk, where it landed at least a foot away from its original spot. But I had no time to fix it.

Dani walked in, and I quickly rearranged my features to look like I hadn't been up to anything.

"So, what do you want to watch?" she asked, handing me a cup of hot chocolate. "I have a bunch of movies."

"Like what?" I asked casually.

"Well..." she rattled off the names of a bunch of different movies, but I didn't listen. I was too busy thinking about all of the things she had written.

This was why Dani had been acting so strangely. She had said something about an Elixir running short and having to die if she ran out--And she always looked stress-free whenever she chanted those songs at school.

 She had mentioned falling in love once before. She also mentioned being afraid of dying.

But how did this all add up?

I picked a movie at random and we watched it--I don't remember what we were watching at all, because I was thinking about the diary the whole time.

I left when the movie was over--I told Dani that I had to finish some homework for geometry. But I had really just wanted to be alone and think.

Again, I asked myself how it all added up.

She looked stress -free after her chants. Had been acting strangely. Saying something about an Eixir keeping her alive. Mentioned being afraid of dying.

And then I finally came to the conclusion. My friend is a witch--but I had already figured that out.

What I came up with made all the pieces come together.

She had been alive for hundreds of years. She had been living life and making herself young again when she was too old.

The End

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