The First Suspicion

I first suspected that Danielle was a witch when I heard her singing an old song in Latin under her breath, in perfect fluency.

Well, I take that back. It wasn't a song. It was a chant. A spell.

"Dani!" I whispered loudly. "What is that song?" I asked her.

"An old song my mother sang me when I was small," she answered, turning around in her seat in Biology.

She sat in front of me next to a kid named Travis Day, who had short dusty brown hair and grayish eyes, but was very nice.

I sat in the back, alone, but that was alright. I had Dani, as long as the teacher didn't notice us.

I was about to ask her what the song was when a harsh "Sh!" cut through my question. I sat back in my seat and Dani turned around to face the front, paying full attention as if she had never turned around.

That was when I noticed the glitter around her seat. It seemed to have fallen from the ceiling, or, more accurately, Dani's hair.

Why did that happen every time Dani sang a song in Latin like that?

The End

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