Acceptance...Or not..


Blue walls .Plastic hats. And porridge for breakfast.Definitly a hospital.  My mom was asleep on my bed, one hand resting on my leg the other hand on a magazine over the T.V remote, breathing softly and surely. My father was slouched in a green plastic chair by the door, still holding on to a small set of keys that belonged to our car. A bag of stale doughnuts and a fresh set of clothes and my white Mac book sat on a trolly in a corner of the clinicly blue room. When I’d arrived in the hospital four days ago I was still confused why I couldn’t move and tried to express it to the doctors. A young woman named Dr. Stone kept tapping my feet asking silly questions like when was my birthday and did I know what a hospital was. I was 17 of course I knew what a fricken hospital was! Nobody would tell me anything. Only to rest. But I was not one bit tired. If anything I was ready and raring to go.The doctors mentioned something about a ventilator and lungs...i couldn’t remember. All i could remember was my parents stared at me for the entire conversation, studying me as if I was a new puppy or something. I didn’t understand then. I wasn’t aloud to look at the T.V for some strange reason and all mirrors were banded. It was like prison. Now I was sick of this stupid boring place. I wondered how much school I’d missed, where all my friends were, what had happened. I blinked a couple of times to let the tears fall. I was so confused and sore and i couldn’t remember anything since....the end-of-SATs party..oh my god...What was wrong with me? Just then my mom moved slightly to the left and the T.V flickered on, a slightly chubby man was shuffling up some papers obviously finishing the late news

“And that’s the latest news on CNN. For the latest stock trends head overr to our website Its 4:13 on Sunday The 25th Of August ,I’m Travis Dangord. Good night, and stay safe.” Wow August. I’d been out of the world for a month? Holy Crap. Wait a second...What was that little date in the corner of the screen..25th Of August.....2013....

The End

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