I woke to the sound of bleeping. Bleeping and Darkness. Where the hell was I? I tried to move my hand but nothing happened. The same with my feet and my head. Was I frozen? Was I dead? What happened to me? My head was spinning and sore but the pain was distant and seemed dream-like. A little crack of light was peeping out from under a solid door. The shiny frame caught my eye and There was a poster beside it...But I couldn’t read what it said. Just a mess of words and shapes. No matter how hard I tried to figure them out, I just couldn’t. I was so scared, I called out for my mom.

“muom...mhomh....muomh...” what the hell? Why couldn’t I speak properly? Why didn’t anything come out? A tube scratched the inside of my neck, making me retch.

“dahad...duad...” I tried again, the tube hurting so bad I wanted to rip it out but my hands disobeyed me. They wouldn’t move.  I turned to face the source of the bleeping, my alarm probably but came face to face with a white platform filled with wires and sensors. This wasn’t my room, this wasn’t my voice, this wasn’t my life.. As I began to get more panicked the machienes monitored it. The bleeping grew to a shrill ringing and it hurt my ears so if I hadn’t use them for years.

“Deb...Deb...did you hear that?” I could faintly make out a gruff voice that sounded very familiar.

“Jerry, sit down. Don’t worry yourself, your just imagining things yet again...” a frilly voice comforted his.

Deb, Jerry? Those were my parents names. I was sure of it ,or was it Jeb and Derry? I couldn’t remember. I racked my brain, even against the pain, but I couldn’t remember their names. I couldn’t even remember their faces. A sudden realisation hit me square between the eyes. I couldn’t remember anything. I started sobbing ,the shoulder shaking sound, hoping this was all a bad dream, all a nightmare, and I would wake up to the clear sound of my mom telling me the bus was here ,and I was late, again. But something in the pit of my stomach told me that this was not a dream. or a nightmare. Suddenly the shrill noises picked up on the machiene again as my sobs got louder and the pain grew everywhere. My legs ,my arms ,my throat, my head, my back, my knees. Everything hurt.

“Deb, I swear, I heard it again.” the gruff voice called out.

“Well, go check, honey, but brace yourself for disappointment. It’s been 3 years. What makes you think she’d wake up now?” The frilly voice seemed pained and weiry. Tired and sick.

I heard the footsteps growing louder and louder. I heard a twist as the door sprang open. The light ambushed me from the bright hallway. I saw a face.  A face I knew as my fathers. It came flooding back. The images of playing baseball in the school courts. The picnic by the lake at summer. The car he promised to buy me after graduation if I got over 5 A’s.

“Oh.Lord.God...DEBBIE!!!” His voice grew louder and louder.


“what...what?” the frilly voice called out as it grew louder itself.

“she’s...she’s...awake?”  He didn’t believe it at first. He kept touch the door he’d just came though to see if it was really there. After the fifth time, My mother, My beautiful yet haggered looking mother approached the door and just stared. Everything was silent for a moment, then the hussle and bussle started.

“Call the Dr. Reynolds,Call Cooper, Tell The hospital to send a helicopter...”

A daze of words, phone calls, and reassurance.At one stage my father just looked through the door and smiled.

“Welcome home, sweetheart” he had whispered so quietly it could have been the wind....


The End

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