That One Night..

"Dude! You just totally wasted that beer! What is up with you?” The slurred voices and drink-induced giggles surrounded my ears. As I watched my classmates playing a very messy game of Beer-pong, I felt a warm hand tap my shoulder . I looked up too fast and my head spun with dizzyiness.

“Hey sis, Me and Kyle are catching a cab home, you coming?” The soft voice of my twin brother, Cooper, called out to me from the distance, it seemed. I snorted and pushed his hand away from me, feeling slightly more rebellious than usual.

“Yeah, and miss this awesome party? No can do, Mia and Tiffany are stopping off in around twenty minutes, and I haven’t seen them since like...”

“..Yesterday?” Cooper finished my garbled sentence with a hint of woe in his voice.”Come on Paige, your pretty trashed, let’s go home ok?”  He was such an overprotective brother.

“Coop, we’re the same age! I still have common sense even if it is the summer holidays”

Our High School, Miami High, had finished a month or two ago, and this was the first party I had been to since the end-of-SAT’s party at Cameron Shaw’s Beach house. I was determined to have as much fun as I could at this 4th of July party before my Mom pops out another shrieking ‘Miracle’ as she calls it. Yeah, more like sleepless nights, hormones running riot and a lot of chocolate cake.

“Paige, I know but, it’s nearly 12am, lets head home ok?”

“No. Wait...Cooper, why are fish gold? Well not all fish but gold fish...why aren’t they purple...I like purple...Hmmmm...”

His Hands grabbed at my arm.

“Paige, we’re leaving now, you can see Tiffany and what’s-her-name tomorrow. Let’s go!” I pulled away from him...stupid brother...I’m totally ok...

“Alright...Paige...We’ll wait for the cab and if the girls haven’t shown by then we go,ok?”

“NO! Cooper, just back off! I’m 17 I can handle myself. Jesh, just go and be a social reject. What do I care?”

I turned away from him and shimmied my way to the drinks table. I poured myself another vodka and coke adding a lemon this time. It was such a lame party but I didn’t want to go home and have to play Happy Families.

“People...People!!” I turned around to see Austin Allen standing on a rocky table in the centre of the living room.

“Since this party is kinda sucking, and its ten to midnight, who says yes to a little midnight walk with yours truly?”

Nobody payed much attention to his drunken outburst, but as I saw Coopers blonde head disappear out the sliding door, I blurted out “Yeah, why not Austin...the night is young right? ‘sides looks like my friends are blowing this stupid party off so what have I got to lose?”

“hey-hey! Let’s go then, Knowel...I hear of some pretty sick fireworks down by Lake Crennshaw...You wanna go?”

Now, common sense should have kicked in here. How did I expect us to get to the lake? Fly? I shouldn’t have held his hand as he led me to his red and gold pickup truck. I shouldn’t have laughed at his Tweety bird air freshener. I shouldn’t have unhooked my seatbelt and leaned across my seat at 34th and west and kissed him lightly on his cheek. Though, I should have noticed the Blue BMW heading towards the stoplights and I should have noticed Austin trying to grope me and putting his foot on the accelerator at the same time.

I should have heard the horn. I should have seen the lights change. Shoulda, coulda, Woulda.  What I did see was the Fire Trucks Lights, the bent blue car, the crushed roof pressing down on my head and then....Nothing. Just, Nothing.

The End

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