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Dustin stepped back. "-Wh... What?"

Lars put his hand closer to the pistol on his belt, a new menace on his face. "I saw you lads on the World News. Stand down, Dustin Decker..."

Dustin choked up. His mind went into panic, racing as he fully realized his situation. The World News. Twenty to thirty million people suddenly knew his face, what he did, and what the media told them he did. He struggled to find his composure, his heart beating in his head.

"... And you as well, Tracy Simmons."

Tracy grabbed Jake with her injured arm, and rushed headlong towards the doorway to the right of Lars. She shoved her elbow into the officer's side before he had a chance to react, racing through the hall. Lars pulled his hand from his belt, holding a blur of black metal.

"-Biggs! Fugitive suspects heading towards the north exit! Backup needed!"

Dustin snapped back to reality, and stumbled back towards the kitchen in an attempt to split up.

"-Stand down, lad!" Lars yelled as he dashed for Dustin.

Dustin slipped on to his side as he stepped on the floor of the connected kitchen, and fumbled behind the breakfast bar. He immediately put out his leg, closing his eyes. Lars tumbled over with a grunt, skidding almost a meter against the tile floor. Dustin wasted no time, and sprang up, vaulting over the counter.

Lars rubbed his forehead as he sprinted after Dustin. He grabbed the back of his t-shirt, pulling Dustin to a halt as he let out a yelp. Officer Lars wrapped his arm around Dustin's head, as he twisted wildly to avoid capture.

Adrenaline coursed through Dustin's veins. He couldn't be caught again. It wasn't an option. Something deep and primal inside him bubbled up. He had to escape. That is the only way.


Dustin nashed his teeth as he tried to bite his captor, twisting and pulling violently. He felt a leg hit the side of his at lightning speed, and collapsed to the ground, Lars already on top of him. Dustin breathed heavily as Lars pulled his right arm behind his back, ready to put the crome shackles on him. Dustin let out at vicious yell, forcing himself up with blind fight-or-flight instinct. Lars fell back, and Dustin ran for the front door, ten meters away. Lars pulled himself up, but was far too late.

Dustin could only hear his breathing. His panting, and his heart. There was only the door, there was no looking back. Back lead to capture, the door lead to freedom. His mind shut down as instinct guided him. He held his hand out as he forced the door open. The cool, night air hit him like a wall, immediately giving him a chill from his sweat. But he didn't care about any of that. He had to find shelter. He had to hide. If he could hide, he could have freedom. His feelings were short, and there were no decisions.

Dustin lept into the bushes just outside the deck. Branches and twigs stabbed at him, but he brushed them away. Discomfort won't stop his escape. They will provide cover. He will wait.

Dustin scowled as he peered out into the night, the dim front porch light and the police car headlights illuminating the scene. He waited. That's what he could do. Wait, then escape. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes. The sounds around him returned as he relaxed briefly. Dustin released his tense muscles, thinking clearly and mind buzzing once again. And that's when the chill once again journeyed up his skin.

Dustin suppressed a cough. He let himself go ballistic just moments ago, and the feelings caught up to him. He never felt more alive.

Yet he shook with fear.

I let myself do that? That... I can't... He broke down. It was simply an instinct, a reaction to the situation as old as time itself. But it felt so wrong. He hadn't felt like that when he was being shot at, yet that could kill him instantly. There was something about the raw and unbridled rage of hand-to-hand combat that got his blood going.

He snapped back as he heard the front door swing open once again.

A figure he hadn't seen before stepped out calmly. Dustin squinted. The person stood almost two meters tall, wearing a dusted and beat-up leather coat and a baseball cap. Dustin couldn't make out a face in the darkness. The mysterious man stood on the porch for a minute, facing the twilight of outside. He reached for something in his pocket with a slow, deliberate motion.

Dustin heard a click, and the lights of the house went dark.

The man stood there for a few seconds, then slowly walked down the stairs into the front lawn. Dustin held his breath, he was just five or six meters away. The stranger took his hat off in a delibrate manner, as he always seemed to do such things. Dustin strained his vision, but still could not distinguish features. He was male, possibly as young as twenty-eight but could have been anywhere up to forty. His face had a round shape overall of some sort, yet fit, but it was hard to tell.

The shadowed figure turned around, away from Dustin and his hiding bush. He pulled another contraption slowly from his pocket. There was yet another click, then silence for a few seconds.

Dustin's phone rang the Pac-Man theme into the night at full volume.

The figure snapped his head to the side instantly, gazing behind him. He darted off into the night like a frightened gazelle, with the grace and speed of such.
Dustin panicked, fumbling out of the bush towards the path the man took, trying to pull his phone out in a frenzy. He pressed the power button, pursuing him through multiple lawns and turns, and glanced at the icons in the corner as he sprinted. 'Silenced'. Well what the fuck caused that ring?!? Dustin screamed in his mind, cursing his inability to catch up.

But there was no trace of the man. He was gone into the night, who knows where. Dustin stopped himself.

"No, no, no, no no... No!" Dustin punted a rock next to himself. "Fuck!"

He had no idea where he was, it was dark, this man was at the crime scene, and Dustin messed it up.

He fell to knees and gripped the sod around him, anger boiling up.

I was so close! I was so close to finding something big! To getting one step further, and I fucking blew it... That guy more than likely knew something about the murders, or the app! He clenched his eyes shut.


Nothing he could do. He screwed it up. He let him get away. This was his fault. Dustin choked up a bit for the third time within an hour. This wasn't good. At all.

Dustin's phone vibrated in his pocket, silently.

Dustin let out a yell and threw it to his side. He wanted nothing to do with it for a while. If it hadn't have been so useful for other things, he would've snapped it in two. He just wanted to be alone for a while. He sat up in the random lawn he stopped in, and looked up at the half moon. Anger and disappointment filled his veins for a few minutes.

The phone lit up once more in the night, vibrating softly.

Dustin took a breath, stood up, and stepped towards the phone.

2 New Messages (Tracy x2)

--"Come on Dustin."

--"You need to see this."


The End

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