We're Going to Need a Ship...Mature


Well, Dustin thought. I should have seen that coming a mile away. How could I have forgotten Short Circuit? He unplugged his headphones and looked over at Tracy. She was, of course, still unconscious, leaning back against the boxes in the corner.

Dustin glanced at his wrist, and realized that he forgot to put his watch back on. He dug through his bag. It was a good thing Tracy nicked my stuff from the filing room. He managed to find his Casio calculator watch, and paused. Wait... She just grabbed them? No hassle, no guards, nothing? He thought back to when he was in the questioning room. The cameras were a bit obvious, he realized. And the cops didn't even have a display in the viewing room. Or a speaker, for the microphone. Shit, the Heartfield PD must be pretty lax... Using the stuff for a scare tactic rather than... I don't know- Their purpose? He smiled to himself and pulled the watch from the bag. Hey, it worked out for me this time.

Dustin found some difficulty putting the watch on his wrist, considering he was handcuffed, and gave up after a minute or two. He checked the time. 4:15. One hour till Mrs. Essex gets back. He sighed and pulled out his phone. 

He looked over at Tracy. She was so peaceful. He looked at his phone, and recalled the sound file he had of Lavos' screech, from Chrono Trigger. 

He felt so evil.

He quietly scooched over to Tracy, phone at the ready. He ever-so-slowly brought it up to her ear, and tapped the button.


"- JES-!! -Fuck you, Dustin!!" Tracy scrambled up and punched Dustin's arm. 

"-Ow!" He exclaimed as he laughed, smiling wide. "But you were totally asking for it!" 

"Yeah, you and your practical jokes..." She swept her hair back, and finally joined in with a smile. "Next time, just change my ringtone to something stupid! 'Scared the living shit out of me... Fuck..." She rubbed her eyes. 

"Oh, come on, we need to get a move on anyway. We only got a little bit before Jake's mom starts heading back, so let's come up with some sort of plan to find clues..."

She nodded, but stopped and gave him a sideways look. "... This isn't an episode of Scooby-Doo, Dustin. Real people are really dying... Tsk, 'Clues'... It doesn't even sound like you're serious."

He twisted his lip. "-Ok, 'evidence'. I was the one who saw the frickin' body! I'm taking this seriously!"

Tracy picked at the inside of her ear. "... My eardrums would say otherwise..."

Dustin gestured at her to calm down. "Ok- Ok- Ok... Regardless, we need to come up with a plan."

Tracy pushed herself up with a grunt. "-Like what? Can't you just be all, hack- hack- Done?"

Dustin shook his head. "Pfft, I wish. I can't do that, that stupid app keeps fucking with us..."

Tracy rolled her eyes. "Yeah, the app, not a rational killer..." She muttered. "-Well, if we can't get at him with the computer, we're going to need a ride."

Dustin nodded, and pulled out his smartphone again. "Yeah. I've been thinking about that... I think we can get a car or two if we need them..." 

Tracy was taken back, shocked. "-D -Dustin, you used your hacking to...?"

He waved her away, looking at his phone. "-Don't worry, don't worry, I didn't steal any money from anybody. I applied for a credit card with a fake credit score... That should get us- What? A month and a half, after the late period?- Of funds before we need to do somthing..."

Tracy crossed her arms. "And just putting an averge, four-thousand dollar car on the bill the day after applying won't raise any eyebrows?"

"No... I was thinking of something a bit more expensive..." Dustin scrolled through a list of some kind.


Dustin turned his phone towards her. 

"... A 1982 Pontiac Trans Am...? Holy crap, Dustin, you ARE insane!"

"-No I'm not! It'd be frickin' awesome! I could trick it out, get the fender scanner, and everything!"

"Yeah, for fourty-thousand dollars!! And that one is in rough shape... It wouldn't even make a decent Knight Rider..."

Dustin's eyes widened. "-It's 'KITT'! The fucking car's name is 'KITT'! Knight Rider is the show, 'KITT' is the car!!"

"-Well, hang me! I've never really seen Knight Rider, ok?"

Dustin gasped, and took a step back, staring at Tracy with wide eyes.  "-W -Who are you?... And what have you done with my friend?"

"-Oh, for crimeny's sake, Dustin, I really haven't seen Knight Rider!"

There was a moment of silence.

"... I'm still getting the car..."

"... You're still getting the car... " Tracy rolled her eyes and groaned. 

Dustin looked down at his phone and scrolled through some more cars. "... I would've gotten a DeLorean, but the reproductions are over a hundred-thousand."

Tracy held her hand out. "-See? See? THAT would have been an awesome ride. Back to the Future is way better than some obscure TV show..."

"-Ob -Obscure?! It-! Hasselhoff-! No, not even going to go there..." Dustin shook his head. "A hundred-thousand dollars is my cap anyway. What car did you want?" 

"-Wait, you're getting two? You can't even drive..."

Dustin shrugged. "I'm a fast learner. And besides, KITT!"

Tracy rolled her eyes. "Yeah... Well, if you are going to get a car, I just want my old one back... That thing was my pride and joy... Before, y' know, getting completely wrecked."

Dustin tapped a few things. "-And... Done. We just have to pick up the Neon. It's not red, but it'll have to do..."

"-What, that fast? And what about your fan-boy reference car? You got that in your color. And no way someone was selling that near here..." She responded, obviously still irritated with Dustin's prank.

"-'ey! Isn't that what we are? Fan-boys! And I'm having it shipped over here." He smiled proudly. 

"-Yeah, fourty-thousand down the drain... And mine didn't even cost a thousand!" Tracy turned. "-You're just hopeless..."

Dustin did some finalizing on the deals. "What? Is it my fault your car was so cheap?"

Tracy walked over to the other end of the basement, and waved him off. "... I'm not listening..."

"Yeah, whatever..."

Tracy sat on the washer, and called across the room, "-Are you going to check the cars for police tracers?"

Dustin frowned, and stared off into space, a confused look on his face.

"-What's up?"

Dustin waved her off. "I felt a disturbance... As if a million voices suddenly called out-"

"-Yeah, that's great. You go be looney on that side of the basement..." Tracy interrupted. 

Dustin paused, and bit his lip, puzzled. He shrugged, and went back to check the confirmations on the car orders.

The End

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