Millions Will Enter, Few Will Die...Mature


...Booting up...

...Checking CPU...............OK

...Checking RAM..............OK

...Checking OS..................OK

...Securing Hard Drive.....OK

...Loading Assets................

Login: _


Dustin squinted at the screen, and carefully typed in the credentials for his laptop account.

Login: adminlogin

Password: ********

Welcome, adminlogin



Dustin sighed to himself. The one time he regreted putting the same custom OS from his desktop onto his laptop. Piggy-backing on Jake's parent's WiFi would be easier if Dustin had just used Windows. Oh well, he'd just have to make do.

\c: iwlist wlan0 scan -> Scanning. . . 

- ESSID: "essexfamilywifi"

- Mode: Master

- Channel: 5 -> Frequency: 2.432 GHz


- Encryption: off


Tracy leaned over and looked at the info on screen. She was always interested in Dustin's hacking, even if she didn't quite get all of it. Dustin resisted the urge to clear his throat at her, and continued by plugging in the no-encryption WPA2 bypass code.


- Alternate IP: 346.8311

- Encryption: on

Alright, Dustin thought. We're in. 

Time to see what "Battle Era" was up to.

A minute or two later, Dustin had made his way into the Google Play Store archive, made a fake admin account, and he searched for Battle Era once again, but this time from within the Store servers themselves.

- Battle Era -> Assets -> Local Assets

Tracy looked over at him. "... What do these files have?" She murmurred.

"... Any assets the app stores on the App Store's local storage." Dustin whispered back, a bit annoyed. "Stuff like screenshots, highscores, reviews, and download counts..."

"What do you need those for?" 

Dustin shot her a nasty look, telling her to quiet down. "... I'm checking the download counts. Hopefully everyone's been keeping away from this murderous thing..."

- Local Assets -> Purchase Info -> downloadTotal.txt

\c: cat downloadTotal.txt



^l //Edited by serverTraffic.battleEra.cs

Dustin reread the screen in confusion. There... There had to be some kind of error. Dustin read it for the third time. 

Almost a million failed downloads.

Dustin sat there, hunched over the laptop in Jake's basement, utterly puzzled.

Tracy looked at the screen. "... A million failed downloads? That doesn't seem right..." She whispered.

"... You're right, it doesn't seem right... And only nine successful ones." Dustin rubbed his eyes, trying to wrap his head around the odd ratio. "... Only the people who are able to get a sucessful download get killed... But why the huge failure rate?"

The laptop screen flickered. It surprised the two of them a bit, but Dustin just reached for the charging cable, figuring it was out of juice. He checked the battery light.

He quickly realized it wasn't low on power.

The screen continued to flicker as Dustin scampered back. The display started scrolling through thousands of lines of code, appearing faster than they could read. Tracy got wide-eyed and joined Dustin as the laptop went haywire.

The codes stopped scrolling, but the screen continued to flicker,  as the console lines spat out a design.


§§ WHY DO YOU  §§

§§   CONTINUE?   §§

§§      IT WILL        §§

§§        ONLY          §§

§§     DESTROY      §§

§§          YOU.          §§


Dustin's breathing got heavy as he panicked. Sweat dripped down his forehead. Every muscle in his body tensed up in fear. Tracy gasped, utter fear shooting through her.

The command lines slowly loaded up one more message.


§§     MEDDLE       §§

§§       AGAIN,        §§

§§   AND I WILL   §§

§§          END           §§

§§          YOU.          §§


And the laptop powered off.

Dustin was plunged into darkness, his eyes struggling to readjust. Once they did, he just sat there, paralyzed with fear. 

What. The. Hell. Just. Happened?

But he knew full well what had just happened. 

Battle Era fought back.


The End

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