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Tracy followed Dustin towards the exit doors of the police station, handing him his backpack. "... No, seriously, why were you playing Galaga with that guy? In the closet? In a police station?"

Dustin took his familiar and missed backpack. "Long story. I'll tell ya some other time-" He stopped in his tracks.

"Well, I parked the Neon out fro- 'ey!" Tracy cried as Dustin grabbed her arm and pulled her down a hallway to the side.

"- What the hell, Dustin! I-"

"-Shhh! That one cop's down that way..." Dustin whispered, peeking around the corner. 

Sure enough, Officer Jankins stood at the entrance desk talking to the receptionist. It looked like it was time to close the front office, and they were going down a few things before wrapping up. Jankins had an unlit cigarette in his mouth once more, and kept his stressed scowl on his face as he looked down at a clipboard.

If Officer Jankins saw him, that'd be it, Dustin thought. He cringed. All that emulator underhandness for nothing. Dustin looked back at impatient Tracy.

"... Alright, we'll just wait here till he leaves..." Dustin said, crossing his arms. 

"... Uhhh...." Tracy gestured over her shoulder. Another officer started walkind down the hall in their direction. 

"-Change of plan, we don't wait till he leaves-" Dustin grabs her arm once more and whips around the corner.

"-For Crimeny's sake, Dustin!" Tracy whispered as they tried to walk non-chalantly against the wall. He shot her a stern look, and continued silently. Jankins looked as though he was almost done. Dustin bit his cheek. 

Too close, Too close!

Officer Jankins glanced up for a moment. 

He continued what he was doing for a split second, then did a double take, looking up straight at Dustin.

Fuck, time to move!

Dustin flat out sprinted for the door, sweating. Tracy tripped up, surprised by Dustin's sudden burst of speed. 

"-Goddammit, Dustin!" She yelled, trying to catch up with her insane companion.

Officer Jankins twirled around as Dustin ran past, hand on his pistol hilt.


Dustin disregarded the command, putting his shoulder in front of himself to ram the front doors open. 

Tracy ran past Jankins' other side, and he responded by whipping out the gun and focusing it's aim at the two of them.

"-I said freeze, you freakin' idiots!!!"

Tracy looked back as she darted after Dustin, questioning what she was doing for a femtosecond, but only continued to flee. 

Dustin rammed himself into the doors, flinging them wide open as he stumbled into the darkness of night outside. 

"-Freeze, damn it!!! I WILL put lead in you, you little fucker!!!" Jankins yelled, aproaching the doorway with his aim trained on Dustin. 

Dustin recovered from his stumble, quickly turning around. He smirked, flipped him the bird, immediately diving to the side, out of the doorway.

A loud gunshot reverberated through the station.

Dustin heard a bullet whiz past shortly before he hit the pavement. He scampered up, and checked himself franticly to see if he had been shot. Miraculously, he had literally dodged a bullet.

Tracy slid to a halt. and darted another direction, the receptionist ducked behind her desk.

Jankins threw his cigarette to the tile floor. "-Fuck!"

Dustin pushed himself up franticly, and raced for the outline of Tracy's Neon, not far off.

Jankins pointed his pistol at Tracy.

Tracy yipped a bit, and slid to a halt. 

"-Hands behind your head, bi-!"

Dustin chucked his heavy backpack at Officer Jankins, hitting him in the side of the face, staggering him. "-Tracy!!! Let's go!!!" Dustin motioned for her to follow him out in the parking lot. 

"-No, stay there!!!" Jankins regained his composure and pointed his pistol at Tracy.

"TRACY!!!" Dustin screamed, running inside.

Jankins growled and pointed his gun out at his side towards Dustin.  "-Enough, you pesky dick!"

Dustin stumbled to a halt. 

"You idiots are trying to break out!? You've got to be shitting me..." Jankins sighed.

Dustin scowled at him. "Damn right, we are! If you guys are just going to shrug these murders away, we sure as hell are going to try to stop them!"

"-Key word, Decker: Try. We're an entire police force, we can stop a killer psycopath. You're a fuckin' seventeen year old. This ain't like the movies, kid."

"This isn't a psycopath we're dealing with! We're dealing with a feindishly clever computer program!"

There's a silence in the room.

"... Bwahahaha!!!" Officer Jankins breaks out laughing. "-You, kid, are just as ill as McKlowski..."

"-I'M NOT CRAZY!" Dustin snapped. "I know the link between Case 900 and a few other murders! Something in the App Store called 'Battle Era'! Tracy, tell this-" He looked over at her.

Tracy stared at him, a nervous frown on her face.


Tears welled up in her eyes, and she looked away and tried to keep them in.

"... Tracy... Goddammit..." Dustin muttered, turning away as well, feeling a few tears start to form himself.

Jankins took a few steps closer to Dustin. "On your knees, Decker."

Dusin twisted his lip into an angry frown, feeling betrayed. He looked down, pausing for a moment, then complied.

Jankins towered above him. "... Hands behind your head."

Dustin exhaled through his nose, and raised his hands to his head.

Jankins pulled the ominous chrome handcuffs from his belt. "... You're charged with interfearing with a police investigation, one count-"

He grabbed Dustin's left wrist and clipped the cuff over it.

"-Resisting arrest, two counts-" 

He grabbed Dustin's right wrist and clipped it likewise.

Jankins rubbed his forehead. "-And assualting an officer, one count..."

He looked at Dustin's cuffs, and saw that he had put them on wrong, having Dustin's arms in front, rather than behind him.

"- Crap. Nice job, Decker. Your fucking bag gave me a concussion. Probably." Jankins blamed the assualt for his mistake. He sighed. "Regardless, we can fix that at the pen. Come on, you dickh-"

There was a dull thwump noise, and Jankins eyes got wide. He collasped to the ground, Tracy standing there behind him.

She looked down at Jankins, who was groaning and holding his nethers. "... Another one bites the dust." She said, and smiled at Dustin.

Dustin's eyes lit up as Tracy helped him up. "-Tracy, why do you have a knack for coming at the last second?" He smirked.

Her mood darkened a bit. "This still doesn't mean that I believe you. I just didn't want you getting mugged in prison."

Dustin nodded, just grateful she did save him. They darted off, heading for the parking lot. 

"N- Oh, no you don't, you little fuckers!" Jankins yelled, fumbling for his pistol in his handicap state.

A few other officers finally made their way into the room, running after Dustin and Tracy, holding their guns.

A few shots rang out.

Dustin grabbed Tracy as best he could and dashed to the right. They slid behind a parked car, and one of the side windows shattered.

The three or four officers poured out the doorway, spreading out to scan the unlit parking lot.

Dustin's heartbeat echoed through his skull as he tried to regain his breath. These men will shoot you, Dustin thought, mind racing. 

Tracy peeked over the hood for a split second. "-The Neon's this way!" She whispered, pointing to the west. 

Dustin looked over. Indeed, the car was there, but were they really safer in there?

No time to think, Tracy already darted over towards her car. Dustin sighed as he raced to follow her. Now she was taking the intitive, being the rash one...

The cops failed to notice their mad dash across the lot, but when they started the Neon up, they immediately turned to take aim.

Tracy kept the headlights off, and shoved the gear into drive. 

A few more shots rang out in the night.

Metal was peirced. "-AAAHHH!!! FUCK!" Tracy screamed, and grabbed her arm. The car veared massively to the left, threatening a spin-out. Dustin lept to grab the wheel with his bound hands, and struggled to keep it from crashing into a tree at high speed.

Tracy cringed, breathing heavily. Dustin glanced over as he tried his best to steer. A moderate amount of blood seeped through her fingers. 

"Drive, goddammit, drive!" Tracy yelled.

"I'm trying!" Dustin snapped back, narrowly dodging a car coming down the opposite lane. They managed to escape the immediate danger of the shooting cops, but this was far from over.

Far from over indeed.

The End

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