Dustin shot out of bed and rushed towards his vintage-looking computer. He grabbed his phone, plugging it in as he leapt into his chair. He grabbed a fresh, unsolved Rubik's Cube off the desk, twisting it with one hand to relieve the stress, as he typed in the commands for the auto-tracking program.

Dustin typed in the last commands, and the screen filled with info, scrolling too fast for him to read it in it's entirety. But, skimming through it, Dustin already knew that what he dreaded was true.

Server IP: 779.8000

Automated Sending Service #:


...Tracing Number......


Google Play Store for Android 

Dustin finished his Cube, and grabbed a fresh one. It all seemed that... No, he quickly dismissed the thought, that just wasn't possible. More likely, another hacker was probably playing some cruel joke. But... What of the police officer? Cop documents, you could fake, but an actual cop at an actual police station? The cop never revealed the circumstances of the crime... And Heartfield was just an hour's drive away... Dustin had to know. And he needed a ride.


An '01 red Dodge Neon turned into Dustin's driveway the next morning. He was waiting on the porch, his beat-up backpack, with the Atari logo emblazened upon it, slung over his shoulder. The car rolled up to the garage. The tinted glass blocked Dustin's view of the interior, but he already knew who the driver was.

The driver side window rolled down, revealing a young woman of about 17, with long, dark brown hair, in the driver's seat. The girl wore reflective black shades, and a fitted Rush 2112 t-shirt. She turned to look at Dustin, and smirked. The stereos played "Born to be Wild", adding to the effect.

"...Bad ass, Tracy! But drop the shades... You look like a reject from The Matrix. " Dustin smiled back.

"Dammit! I love'm, too..." She lifted the sunglasses, her cheery eyes matching the color of her hair. "... They cost'd me a fortune!"

"-They wouldn't have been as bad if you had a job!" Dustin teased.

"'Ay! I'm tryin'!-" Tracy nodded towards the passenger seat. "-Hop in."

Dustin jogged over and climbed into the passenger seat, tossing his bag in the back. "...So, how long do you need to have your license until you can have other teens with ya?"

"...Another two years." Tracy put it into reverse, and they were off.


"WHAAAAAAAAAT?!-" Dustin yelled in disbelief. "There is NO WAY you actually like the friggin' Super Mario Brothers movie!-"

"Why not, Ass-hat!? It's funny as hell!"

"Have you even PLAYED Super Mario Bros.?!"

"Yes!! So what? Bob Hoskins is superb as Mario!-"

The exit for Heartfield came up, and Tracy merged over. Dustin couldn't believe this woman... They always argue half-meaningfully about stupid things, but this? Dustin sighed. There was no debate, she might as well plead insanity. That way she wouldn't be thrown in jail for the ultimate gaming sin...

Dustin took out his smartphone, and Googled the address listed in Case 900. Just around the corner. 

"Turn here, Tracy. There should be..." Dustin stopped midsentence.

A huge crowd of people, at least 200 strong, blocked the street. They were gathered around a single house, police line stopping them from entering any closer than the mailbox. News vans, local and national, dotted the crowd. A news helicopter passed overhead.

This wasn't good, Dustin thought.




The End

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