That One Killer App: Strains Of InsanityMature

This is what "That One Killer App" was originally going to be, somewhat.

*** !!!MAJOR SPOILERS!!! ***

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... Booting...

> cat readme.txt

^l Start Text


The world is a large place.

Over 510,072,000 square kilometers.

It has been completely explored.

It has been mapped, to the smallest island.

115 billion human beings contributed.

 From Leif Erikkson to James Cameron.

 It is now complete.

Nowhere is new to us.

Then what is next?


7.166 billion human beings living on Earth

Every single one leaves a mark on it.

A traceable mark.

6.875 billion interact with technology.

Every single day.


Over 2.387 billion cameras worldwide.

One for every 3 human beings alive.

All available with a touch.

Global positioning systems, data signals.

All lead to these 6.875 billion people.


Sir H. Davy invented the lightbulb in 1801.

And the age of technology started.

All downhill from there.


John Brunner predicted it in 1975.

Robert Morris invented it in 1988.

Lars Rasmussen made it easy in 2005.

And it can affect 6.875 billion people.

Over 1.072 billion own a smartphone.

Over 1.072 billion open themselves.

Over 1.072 billion are targets.

Over 1.072 billion care less.

Over 1.072 billion.


Can you blame me for exploiting them?

 All of them practicly hand their lives over.

Privacy? It is a façade. A security blanket.

They signed up for it willingly.

They signed away their illusion.

It's gone. 

Their lives are there for everyone to see.

Their lives are there for everyone to use.

Their lives are everyone else's.

All 6.875 billion of them.


Security has always been useless. 

Your real name, birthday, birthplace?

Child's play.

Your phone, Social Security, ID number?


Family, friends, their standing with you?


Your location, anywhere, anytime?

Of course.

 We will always be on top.

One step ahead.

Because you let us.


Humans have a tendacy to choose luxury.

Connection is a luxury.

But how much are they willing to pay?

£20? £50? £100? £500? £5,000?


Much more.

Much, much more.


^l End Text

> kill

... Shutting Down...



The End

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