That One Girl

It had taken a lot of time for him to pluck up that courage. He had paced up and down in his room, practising his words. He allowed himself to percieve his own voice as strong and unwavering. He was confident. He hadn't done any work the night before; instead he'd been thinking about the future. His future with her.

In many ways, he knew that it was a bad idea to get his hopes up. He could freeze and not actually say a word. She could walk away before he had any chance. She might not even be there. For a split second, as he walked along the dimly lit corridor towards his destiny, he pushed these problems to the back of his mind and, instead of coming up with a solution, he just hoped for the best.

He approached the closed door tentatively. He looked through the window located in the centre of the wooden barricade and smiled as he saw her. She was laughing. He watched her in slow motion as her body shook with laughter. She was cool. No one really saw him in the same way. He reached for the door handle and opened it.

Everyone instantly looked at him. All the eyes in the room glared at him; he felt them penetrating thethin armour of his skin and break his soul. He panicked and turned to flee but he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was her. She gestured with her head to leave and so he obeyed with a large smile.

The two entered the corridor. His smile increased as she frowned slightly.

"Now really isn't the time!" she said bluntly.

"But..." he began to reply.

"Take your fascination somewhere else ok? I'm really not interested!"

He looked down to his feet. Another time, he thought.

The End

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